"So, what's going on here?"
— Austin to Sonja Hernandez during protests

Austin Craigs
Full Name Austin Craigs
Nickname(s) Reporter Guy
Mr. Craigs
Gender Male
Date of Birth 3 March 1983
School(s) Degrassi Community School (formerly)
First Episode Protest the Hero (2)
Episode Count 4

Austin Craigs (born 3 March 1983) is a popular news reporter and alumni of Degrassi Community School. He first appeared in "Protest the Hero (2)," where he asked Sonja Hernandez about the protest.

Character History Edit

Season 1 Edit

Austin made his first appearance in Protest the Hero (2), when he asked Sonja Hernandez about the protest aimed at her.

Season 2 Edit

In When the Truth Comes Out (2), Austin was seen as one of the audience members in the court case between Sonja Hernandez and Mr. Fitzgerald.

Season 3 Edit

In Danger Zone, Austin is seen as one of the reporters asking for a comment about the killings.

Season 4 Edit

In New Day Begins, Austin is briefly shown in the flashback in the beginning of the episode showing him asking questions.

Reported Case
Mr. Fitzgerald Sonja Hernandez
  Mr. Fitzgerald     Sonja Hernandez

Appearances (11/77) Edit

To date, Austin has appeared in all four seasons, appearing in one episode of each.

Season 1 (1/21)

  • Protest the Hero (2)

Season 2 (1/29)

  • When the Truth Comes Out (2)

Season 3 (1/30)

  • Danger Zone

Season 4 (8/30)

  • New Day Begins
  • Desperate Journalist
  • Shine Your Way
  • Don't Need This
  • Drunk On You (1)
  • Drunk On You (2)
  • Hot Shot Love
  • Erase My Scars

Season 5 (3/25)

  • Catch My Breath
  • Let Me Work
  • Till It Hurts

According to writers, Austin will have a multi-episode arc in the fifth season,[1] which could extend to a more important role in the show.[2][3][4] The portrayer had been asking the writers for a larger role for years.[5]

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