Flag of Canada
Member station CTV
National selection events Internal selection
Appearances 23
First appearance #24
Best result 1st: #28, #38, #40, #48
Worst result 20th: #26

Canada has participated in the Retro WWW Song Contest twenty-three times, debuting in the 24th contest and participating onwards until being relegated from competing in the 32nd and 37th contest. The country has won the contest four times, for the first time in the 28th contest and ten editions later in the 38th contest; both times the victory was brought by Avril Lavigne. Bryan Adams achieved the country's third victory in the 40th contest, beating Lavigne's previous high score. Shania Twain, who was originally intended to represent Canada in the 37th contest, gave the country its 4th victory, though with the lowest amount of points.


Prior participation Edit

Retro WWWSC 24 debut Edit


Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
Edn. Province Artist Lang. Title Place Points 12
24 Flag of Quebec Quebec Céline Dion English "My Heart Will Go On" 2 121 3
25 Flag of Quebec Quebec Mylène Farmer French "Désenchantée" 2 106 2
26 Flag of Ontario Ontario Amy Sky English "We Can't Look Back" 20 37 0
27 Flag of Alberta Alberta Kalan Porter English "Awake in a Dream" 19 40 0
28 Flag of Ontario Ontario Avril Lavigne English "My Happy Ending" 1 137 7
29 Flag of Quebec Quebec Eva Avila English "I Owe It All to You" 12 60 2
30 Flag of Quebec Quebec Leonard Cohen English "Hallelujah" 12 62 0
31 Flag of Quebec Quebec Francis Martin French "Quand on se donne" 16 47 0
33 Flag of Quebec Quebec Céline Dion English "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" 7 74 0
34 Flag of Ontario Ontario Amanda Marshall English "Dark Horse" 8 66 1
35 Flag of Manitoba Manitoba Tom Cochrane English "Life Is a Highway" 15 58 2
36 Flag of Quebec Quebec Lara Fabian English "I Will Love Again" 2 111 3
38 Flag of Ontario Ontario Avril Lavigne English "Keep Holding On" 1 130 5
39 Flag of Quebec Quebec Cindy Daniel French "Sous une pluie d'étoiles" 4 97 1
40 Flag of Ontario Ontario Bryan Adams English "Heaven" 1 148 7
41 Flag of Quebec Quebec Marie-Mai French "Qui prendra ma place" 6 81 1
42 Flag of Ontario Ontario Dragonette English "I Get Around" 10 69 2
43 Flag of Quebec Quebec Arcade Fire English "Intervention" 7 86 3
44 Flag of Manitoba Manitoba Loreena McKennitt English "The Mummers' Dance" 3 115 3
45 Flag of British Columbia B. Columbia Linda Chung Mandarin "Swear" (發誓) 7 79 0
46 Flag of Alberta Alberta Melissa O'Neil English "Alive" 17 58 2
47 Flag of Ontario Ontario Jane Child English "Don't Wanna Fall in Love" 17 53 1
48 Flag of Ontario Ontario Shania Twain English "Ka-Ching!" 1 124 3
49 Flag of Quebec Quebec Julie Masse French "C'est zéro" TBD

Charting Edit

Title Year CAN
"My Heart Will Go On" 1997 1 1 2 Let's Talk About Love
"Désenchantée" 1991 9 32 2 L'Autre...
"We Can't Look Back" 1998 21 20 Ordinary Miracles
"Awake in a Dream" 2004 1 19 19 219 Days
"My Happy Ending" 2004 11 9 1 Under My Skin
"I Owe It All to You" 2006 9 48 12 Somewhere Else
"Hallelujah" 1984 17 59 12 Various Positions
"Quand on se donne" 1992 16 Quand on se donne
"It's All Coming Back to Me Now" 1996 1 2 7 Falling into You
"Dark Horse" 1997 5 29 8 Amanda Marshall
"Life Is a Highway" 1991 1 6 41 15 Mad Mad World
"I Will Love Again" 2000 4 32 1 2 Lara Fabian
"Keep Holding On" 2006 14 17 28 1 Eragon
"Sous une pluie d'étoiles" 2006 4 J'avoue
"Heaven" 1984 11 1 1 1 Reckless
"Qui prendra ma place" 2007 66 20 6 Dangereuse Attraction
"I Get Around" 2007 57 1 10 Galore
"Intervention" 2005 5 7 Neon Bible
"The Mummers' Dance" 1997 10 18 20 3 The Book of Secrets
"Swear" (發誓) 2006 7 Dinner for One, World for Two
"Alive" 2005 1 17 Melissa O'Neil
"Don't Wanna Fall in Love" 1990 4 2 17 Jane Child
"Ka-Ching!" 2003 1 Up!
"C'est zéro" 1990 C'est zéro
"—" denotes a single that did not chart or were not released.

By province Edit

Bold signifies a victory, whilst italics signify a runner-up.

No. Province Editions represented
11 Flag of Quebec Quebec #24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 33, 36, 39, 41, 43, 49
8 Flag of Ontario Ontario #26, 28, 34, 38, 40, 42, 47, 48
2 Flag of Manitoba Manitoba #35, 44
Flag of Alberta Alberta #27, 46
1 Flag of British Columbia British Columbia #45

Chance of top 5 by province Edit

Format of selecting entries Edit

  • Hits (#24-25, 28, 30, 33, 35-36, 38, 40, 47-48; 11 editions)
    • Hits have been used the most editions given the high results they achieve. However, they were temporarily scrapped after #40 to give more chances for not so popular songs.
  • Unpopular songs (#26, 31, 39, 45; 4 editions)
    • Unpopular songs haven't been used so much, but are sent for the discovery of not-so-known songs.
  • Canadian Idol songs (#27, 29, 46; 3 editions)
    • Idol songs were sent for an failed attempt for a revival, but were scrapped due to low results. They were revived in #46, though this time to give it another try. Eva Avila also represented Canada with a post-show single. Canada placed 17th in #46, and it was therefore announced that the format would be permanently discontinued.
  • Low-charted songs (#34, 41-44; 4 editions)
    • Songs which have had limited charting were first sent in #34, but scrapped until being used for 3 consecutive editions from #41 to #44.

Awards and nominationsEdit

Edition Category Entry Result
#3 Winners My Happy Ending Nominated
Second Places My Heart Will Go On
#4 Winners Keep Holding On
Second Places I Will Love Again
#5 Third Places The Mummers' Dance Pending

Hostings Edit

Edn. Province City Venue Presenters
29 Flag of Ontario Ontario Vancouver PNE Agrodome Alex Trebek
39 Flag of Quebec Quebec Montreal Verdun Auditorium Rick Mercer & Shenae Grimes
41 Flag of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Saskatoon SaskTel Centre Cassie Steele & Miriam McDonald
49 Flag of Ontario Ontario Niagara Falls TBA

Commentators and spokespersonsEdit

CTV broadcasted the Retro WWW Song Contest from the 23rd contest up until the 31st and averaged 1.95 million viewers during its broadcasts. After Canada was relegated from the 32nd, and a continued decrease in ratings, CTV announced that the broadcast would move to CTV Two. However, the broadcaster stated that in the event of a victory, the broadcast would return to the main CTV channel.

Edn(s) Commentator(s) Spokesperson Ratings Channel
#23 Alex Trebek Did not participate 1.14 CTV
#24 Bryan Adams René-Charles Angelil 2.96
#25 Alex Trebek 1.87
#26 Alex Trebek Rick Mercer 1.18
#27 Rick Mercer Joni Mitchell 0.96
#28 Céline Dion 2.47
#29 3.06
#30 Adam & Lorca Cohen 2.71
#31 Margot Kidder 1.16
#32 No commentator Did not participate 0.63 CTV Two
#33 Rick Mercer Anne Murray 1.76
#34 Avril Lavigne 1.62
#35 Amanda Marshall 1.49
#36 Céline Dion 2.26
#37 No commentator Did not participate 0.79
#38 Rick Mercer Amy Sky 2.41
#39 Avril Lavigne 2.98 CTV
#40 Alex Trebek 3.12
#41 Bryan Adams 3.39
#42 Lara Fabian
#51 TBA

CTV Two negotiated with Céline Dion in hopes for her return, which was success. Despite Dion's participation, the broadcast only managed to score 1.76 million viewers, 1.20 million less than Dion's participation in the second edition. As a result, a big search was made for Canada's tenth participation, which ended in Canadian pop-rock singer Amanda Marshall representing the nation. Previous winner Avril Lavigne was also appointed as the voting spokesperson, showing the broadcaster's dedication. The contest saw a decrease of viewers with 1.62 million viewers watching the contest. Once again, the contest saw a decrease for the eleventh edition with only 1.49 million viewers tuning in. CTV Two announced that for the 12th participation, a "dance hit" would represent the nation.

The 37th contest saw Canada achieve second place, the nation's highest placing in nine editions. This is also resulted in a 2.26 million viewership; the highest in six editions. However, CTV stated that reaching two million viewers could just be an one-edition special, and that "if this number were to surpassed in the following edition, the contest would return to CTV."

It was shortly announced that Lara Fabian would join Rick Mercer to commentate the 37th edition, a move which was considered a guarantee for a CTV-switch. Hours later, it was also confirmed that both Mercer and Fabian would present the Canadian points as the spokespeople. With famous Canadian singer-songwriter Shania Twain representing the nation, the buzz was reported to be "the highest" since Céline Dion representing Canada in its 24 debut. Due to the buzz, CTV announced that both CTV and CTV Two would broadcast the contest simultaneously, and that should the ratings pass the 2.26 million mark, the contest would permanently return to CTV. These plans were subsequently cancelled when Canada was relegated from the 37th edition, due to not announcing Twain's entry in time.

CTV later stated that the contest would remain in CTV Two as evident by the poor ratings caused by the Canadian withdrawal. Due to the controversy, Canada had automatically secured its spot for the next edition, though CBC stated that Twain would no longer be representing the country. It was soon announced that the only Canadian winner Avril Lavigne would represent the country being the tenth anniversary. Her song was then revealed as her not-so-charting pop-rock ballad "Keep Holding On". Once again commentated by Rick Mercer, Amy Sky will return to the contest as a spokesperson.

Canadian commentator from 27 onwards (at the time having commentated 12 contests) announced that he would depart from the show after the 50th edition (which would probably be his 22nd). He added, "Since I started commentated on this wonderful contest I had a goal to make it more known here, and I think I have done this. Doing this every month however is some work and I cannot stay forever, so I believe it would be best for me to give someone else the chance. Don't worry now though, I will still commentate ten more contests before I go, we can promise a great 50th anniversary show to depart me where I will reveal my successor on live television."

Following #40, Canada only reached the top 10 once in 5 occasions, also placing worst score since #35, 10th place. This is compared to editions 36 to 40, where Canada won twice and always placed in the top 5. Commentator Mercer stated that he "hoped Canada would win once more before his leave after #50; also a first win for an Awards Edition." As of then, Canada had only one entry registered in the Awards Edition (although a Third Places debut), with just 4 left in the decade; typically, 3 entries would be nominated. Mercer also confirmed that the one (pending) nomination had secured his final (regular) commentator gig for [Retro] at the Awards Edition.

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