Cathie-Sonja Conflict
General Information
Nickname Cathija, Sonje, Sathie
Intimacy Level Rivals
Conflict Started Can't We Be Friends? (107)
Conflict Status Frenemies
Best Friends (formerly)

The conflict between Cathie Roberson and Sonja Hernandez began in Season 1 of Degrassi: The Other Generation. However, the two were best friends from years before the start of the first season, but "broke up" due to Cathie betraying Sonja after her arrest.

Friendship history Edit

The friendship between Cathie Roberson and Sonja Hernandez was shown in four episodes, before Cathie started the conflict by avoiding Hernandez following her arrest.

Season 1 Edit

It's a New Day Edit

Protest the Hero Edit

Conflict history Edit

The conflict between Cathie Roberson and Sonja Hernandez started after Cathie Roberson avoided Sonja Hernandez after her arrest.

Season 1 Edit

Can't We Be Friends? Edit

School for Scandal Edit

Cathie apologized to Sonja in this episode, saying she didn't know it wasn't true. Sonja then told her "What you just said.. is why we are never going to be friends," before walking away.

School's Out! Edit

Season 2 Edit

A New Year, A New Life Edit

Time is Up Edit

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