"We can't really talk anymore. I'm so sorry!"
— Cathie's final words to Sonja after her arrest

Cathie Roberson
Cathie Roberson
Full Name Katherine Roberson
Nickname(s) Cathie
Gender Female
Date of Birth 4 March 2000
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family Cheryl Roberson (Adoptive Mother)
Vincent Roberson (Adoptive Father)
Drew Jenkins (Biological Father)
Carol Roberson (Biological Mother)
Relationships Chris Stewart (attraction)
Sonja Hernandez (kissed)
Job Vice President of Degrassi (2016-18)
School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Sonja Hernandez
Chris Stewart
First Episode There Goes the Neighborhood
Portrayed By Alexandra Chando

Cathie Roberson (born 4 March 2000) is a student in Degrassi Community School. She meets her biological parents for the first time in the Season 2 episode "Meet the Parents," since then, Roberson's adoptive parents took legal action, but were then forced to set up a court hearing for custody rights.

Roberson became the Vice President of Degrassi in September 2016, when her at-the-time best friend Sonja Hernandez chose her as her running mate and won the election. After Hernandez's impeachment, Roberson declined to serve as the new Degrassi president, and as a result, was replaced by school council member Chris Stewart, who agreed to keep her as the Vice President. The following year, many students had speculated that she would run for president, however she ultimately decided to run as someone's running mate, who happened to also win the election. This led to her being a Vice President for a second consecutive year in a row, as the election rules had only stated that no person can be a President for two consecutive years.

In 2018, despite being asked by several presidential candidates to be their running mate, Roberson decided to stay away from Degrassi politics that year. When asked by a student, she stated, "You seem like a good candidate, but I've already been a VP for two years. I'd like to take a break from the political stuff, you know."

Roberson was once again offered a role as Vice President in 2019, changing her statement to, "It's great to see that you're running for president, and I am honored to be offered a role, but it's been nice to have a break from politics after these great two years. Good luck with your candidacy, though."

In 2020, Roberson was in her senior year but ultimately failed her year due to several incidents and had to repeat the year, she also consecutively declined any position in the student council. In 2021, Roberson decided to get a fresh start and made a big announcement. "It's been a great six years at this school. Two of these spent as being the Vice President of this wonderful school, and I know last year was not my best. But I'm not, we're not not here to keep screwing up, and we all make mistakes. You know, I think it's time for a change here. Not the same old, same old presidents we see these days. It's time to Make Degrassi Great Again! And how do you do that, you say? I am here today to formally announce my candidacy for presidency at Degrassi this year. Together we are strong, and that is how we will work together with me as your President."

Appearances (170/261) Edit

Season 1 (15/22)

  • It's a New Day (1)
  • It's a New Day (2)
  • I Won't Be Ignored
  • When I Kissed the Teacher
  • Protest the Hero (1)
  • Protest the Hero (2)
  • Can't We Be Friends?
  • Together, Forever
  • Wrong Crowd
  • The Most Dangerous Game
  • Hate Me Some More (1)
  • Hate Me Some More (2)
  • Built for Blame
  • School for Scandal
  • School's Out! (1)

Season 2 (27/29)

  • A New Year, A New Life (1)
  • A New Year, A New Life (2)
  • Meet the Parents

Season 3 (25/30)

Season 4 (28/30)

Season 5 (26/30)

Season 6 (20/30)

Season 7 (16/30)

  • Graduation (Friends Forever)

Season 8 (9/30)

  • College Days (1)
  • College Days (2)

Season 9 (4/30)

  • You'll Never See Me Again

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