Country Contest 11
Semi-final 1 date 10 November 2017
Semi-final 2 date November 2017
Final date November 2017
Venue London, UK
Presenter(s) Emilia Clarke
Matt Smith
Rodrigo Santoro
Host broadcaster BBC, RC
Number of entries 38
Debuting countries Flag of Liberland Liberland
Returning countries Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Withdrawing countries Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Argentina Argentina
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of China China
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Hungary Hungary
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
Flag of Peru Peru
Flag of Philippines Philippines
Flag of South Africa South Africa
Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Vatican City Vatican City
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
Voting system Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite countries.
Country Contest
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The Country Contest 11 was the eleventh edition of the contest. It is the contest with the most amount of withdrawals, with 19 countries leaving the competition; six being permanent members. Although several countries managed to make the top four, the CCU stated that it would take time to process their application into the CCU.

The contest is the first since the fifth edition that had only countries exclusive to the Country Contest Union, after six editions with Australia, Brazil, South Korea/Africa and the load of countries in tenth. However, Brazil was listed as one of the competing countries in order to defend their winning title.

With the previous contest taking place in June 2017, the contest was delayed by over four editions due to financial issues within the CCU. The CCU later announced that the contest would "take place sometime in October 2017." The CCU also decided to revive their "Country Games" idea, which took place prior to the Country Contest.

Confirmation period Edit

Confirmed countries Edit

The following countries, which participated in the previous edition, confirmed their participation for the contest:

Additionally, Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan returned to the contest.

Associate countries Edit

The following countries participated as associates in the previous edition, and forcefully withdrew (save Brazil):

Withdrawing countries Edit

Semi-final 1 Edit

Brazil, United Kingdom and Morocco also voted here. The top ten countries qualified to the Grand Final.

Draw Country City Place Points
01 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia 14 102
02 Flag of Serbia Serbia 8 146
03 Flag of Estonia Estonia 15 73
04 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 1 204
05 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 7 148
06 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 4 176
07 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic 3 188
08 Flag of Croatia Croatia 12 122
09 Flag of Greece Greece 5 151
10 Flag of Egypt Egypt 16 63
11 Flag of Poland Poland 13 104
12 Flag of Sweden Sweden 11 127
13 Flag of Russia Russia 9 132
14 Flag of Denmark Denmark 6 149
15 Flag of Germany Germany 10 128
16 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 2 190

Semi-final 2 Edit

Iceland, Italy and Switzerland also voted here. The top ten countries qualified to the Grand Final.

Draw Country City Place Points
01 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 5 165
02 Flag of Ireland Ireland 8 141
03 Flag of Malta Malta 13 101
04 Flag of Liberland Liberland 16 83
05 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 9 128
06 Flag of Monaco Monaco 4 168
07 Flag of Portugal Portugal 1 212
08 Flag of Turkey Turkey 15 88
09 Flag of Romania Romania 12 112
10 Flag of Finland Finland 2 185
11 Flag of San Marino San Marino 10 120
12 Flag of Algeria Algeria 14 97
13 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 11 117
14 Flag of Austria Austria 7 150
15 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 6 162
16 Flag of France France 3 174

Final Edit

Qualifiers from the semi-finals, as well as the top 6 of previous edition took part.

Draw Country Place Points
01 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 20 154
02 Flag of Serbia Serbia 23 126
03 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 22 130
04 Flag of Monaco Monaco 6 190
05 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 13 175
06 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 1 335
07 Flag of Greece Greece 11 180
08 Flag of Denmark Denmark 21 152
09 Flag of Ireland Ireland 7 187
10 Flag of Brazil Brazil 10 183
11 Flag of Germany Germany 26 33
12 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic 18 161
13 Flag of France France 4 198
14 Flag of Finland Finland 19 159
15 Flag of Portugal Portugal 3 207
16 Flag of Morocco Morocco 9 185
17 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 5 194
18 Flag of Russia Russia 17 163
19 Flag of Austria Austria 24 115
20 Flag of San Marino San Marino 25 97
21 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 16 168
22 Flag of Italy Italy 2 214
23 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 15 172
24 Flag of Iceland Iceland 8 186
25 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 14 174
26 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 12 176

Format Edit

Country limit Edit

The CCU announced on 9 June 2017 after the deadline that effective next edition, the contest would be limited to 46 countries. This comes after the tenth contest had a record breaking amount of 58 countries, which meant three semi-finals had to take place; this which CCU does not want to happen again.

The CCU initially predicted that 46 countries would take part this edition, but the withdrawals of 9 regular participants caused the number to change to 38. A statement from the CCU read, "The eleventh Country Contest will see 38 countries taking part to be crowned the winner; the lowest number since the 7th edition. Despite the original prediction of 46 participating countries, a number of factors had led to the 9 regular withdrawals; the months-long hiatus from the jubilee edition, the "constant qualifications" from countries and the growing interest of the Country Contest."

On 10 November 2017, CCU announced that due to the number of complaints from withdrawing countries this edition, that a new system would be implemented to be first used next edition. However, CCU refused to disclose any other details regarding the new system.

Big 6 Edit

The fifth edition for the first time had semi-finals, in which the Top 3 of the previous edition auto-qualified. From the seventh to tenth edition, four countries were always auto-qualified to the grand final from being in the top four previous edition. However, on 5 November 2017, CCU announced that the Big 4 would expand to the Big 6 given the constant expansion of the contest. From the previous edition, only the top 6 regular participating countries were counted with an exception for winning country Brazil. This requirement meant that, Switzerland, which placed tenth was counted as part of the Big 6.

Incidents Edit

Liberland jury/televote disagreement Edit

On 18 November 2017, the CCU revealed the full semi-final and final split results, which included debutant Liberland. Liberland's performance in semi-final 2 saw the country place last, just 5 points away from surpassing Turkey. Despite placing last overall, the televoters ranked Liberland 5th out of the field of 16 candidates, earning 83 points. Contrary to the televoting, Liberland was placed last with the juries receiving nul points. LTC argued that this was an "unfair boycott" from the juries which is why they should have a "televote qualifier" and "jury qualifier" to "disable such bias." (However, this system would have allowed Azerbaijan and already-qualified Lebanon to qualify leaving San Marino, not helping Liberland anyways.) The CCU stated that they had taken their idea into suggestion.

Nonetheless, fans stated that the Liberland televote result was a result of "troll voting", which is why the country did not receive any jury votes, stating that it only proved the "consistency" and "professionalism" of the jurors.

Other countries Edit

  • Flag of Albania Albania: Participating four editions since returning in the 7th edition, Albania never qualified leading to the broadcaster's withdrawal.
  • Flag of Catalonia Catalonia: TVC sent an application to join the Country Contest Union to participate in the Contest on October 27, 2017, which was rejected on October 30 due to the "non-existent approval from the Spanish government."
  • Flag of Georgia Georgia: With Georgia also having failed since its return in 7th edition, never qualifying, the broadcaster decided to withdraw.
  • Flag of Israel Israel: IPBC announced that the country would not return to the contest in the near future; this being due to CCU's rejection. Regarding this, the CCU stated that the broadcaster had not existed long, so it is just a "matter of waiting."
  • Flag of Liberland Liberland: With previous unsuccessful attempts to join the Country Contest Union on June 6, 2016 with the defunct LBTV and LTC's May 22, 2017, LTC sent representatives to Serbia and Croatia leading to their approval of participation in their application to the CCU sent on September 25, 2017; the CCU then formally accepted the application on October 30, 2017, leading to LTC's confirmation of debut in the Contest. Some journalists claimed that Liberland's debut was a result of Albania and Montenegro's withdrawal which meant less points for Serbia and Croatia.
  • Flag of Montenegro Montenegro: Despite RTCG's return in the previous edition, the broadcaster announced that it would withdraw due to lack of funding.
  • Flag of Scotland Scotland: BBC Scotland stated that they "were waiting for an answer from CCU," hoping that the country can participate "within months."
  • Flag of Spain Spain: RTVE announced on 7 June 2017 that Spain would withdraw from the contest due to "reforming Spain's participation format." Having only missed the contest twice, it's the first absence for 7 editions.

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