Country Contest 2
Show Your Country
Final date 8 May 2015
Venue Philharmonie de Paris, France
Number of entries 26
Debuting countries Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of San Marino San Marino
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Withdrawing countries Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Morocco Morocco
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Monaco Monaco
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Voting system ESCIsrael awarded 12, 10, 8–1 points to 10 countries.
Nul points Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Romania Romania
Winning country Flag of Italy Italy
Country Contest
◄1 Eurovision Heart 3►

Country Contest 2 Edit

Following, it's victory in the 1st competition, France 2 has said they were very happy to host the 2nd contest. Due to broadcasting schedules, it has stated that it will host the contest in a couple of months.

Country Place Points
Flag of Italy Italy 1 169
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 2 169
Flag of Spain Spain 3 155
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 4 123
Flag of Russia Russia 5 109
Flag of Malta Malta 6 106
Flag of France France 7 91
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 8 89
Flag of Germany Germany 9 65
Flag of San Marino San Marino 10 52
Flag of Israel Israel 11 52
Flag of Portugal Portugal 12 50
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia 13 59
Flag of Hungary Hungary 14 43
Flag of Greece Greece 15 41
Flag of Austria Austria 16 33
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 17 26
Flag of Poland Poland 18 23
Flag of Sweden Sweden 19 19
Flag of Albania Albania 20 13
Flag of Andorra Andorra 21 13
Flag of Norway Norway 22 11
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 23 6
Flag of Georgia Georgia 24 0
Flag of Romania Romania 25 0
Flag of Armenia Armenia 26 0

Withdrawals Edit

  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic - After many Czech people complaining that they clearly deserved the victory, and the months delay of the show CT decided to withdraw from the contest citing "France as a bad host".
  • Flag of Morocco Morocco - After lack of funding from it's sponsors, the broadcaster withdrew from the contest stated financial issues.
  • Flag of Moldova Moldova - After getting nul points in the 1st edition, the broadcaster stated it never wants to participate again.
  • Flag of Montenegro Montenegro - The country had wished to participate again, but was not able to due to lack of sponsors. The broadcaster has said a high possibility of participating in the 3rd edition by saving money from one year, and using the money from the next in order to participate every 2 editions.
  • Flag of Lebanon Lebanon - Due to the low position of the country, it withdrew stating "Lebanon is a beautiful country and was underrated".
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland - Participated in the "I" protest.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland - Participated in the "I" protest.
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark - Withdrew for yet unknown reasons.

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