Country Contest 3
Show Your Country
Venue Rome, Italy
Number of entries 26
Debuting countries Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Returning countries Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Morocco Morocco
Withdrawing countries Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of France France
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Voting system ESCIsrael awarded 12, 10, 8–1 points to 10 countries.
Country Contest
◄2 Eurovision Heart 4►

Country Contest 3 Edit

All 26 countries voted. 1-13 was the left half of the scoreboard, while 14-26 was the right half.

After Italy has last won in Eurovision 1990, RAI is very satisfied with winning the contest and disses Switzerland. Shortly, SRF, Swiss broadcaster states RAI should lose their ability to host the contest due to it's unfair treatment to other contestants. RAI immediately stated it was just a joke. SRF does not forgive RAI and Italy. ECU responded saying "It was unfortunate to have a tie for the winner and runnerup. We hope it doesn't happen again, but Italy won as was higher in the scoreboard system. Two winners would not be a good idea and as a result we are sorry for Switzerland". SRF has threatened to withdraw from the contest due to being "corrupt" and having "unsuitable" hosts for the show. RAI has responded and said it would be unfortunate to lose a great country. No one has said anything else afterwards.

Country Place Points
Flag of Iceland Iceland 1 165
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 2 160
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 3 142
Flag of Russia Russia 4 140
Flag of Ireland Ireland 5 121
Flag of Spain Spain 6 117
Flag of Italy Italy 7 91
Flag of Israel Israel 8 75
Flag of San Marino San Marino 9 69
Flag of Austria Austria 10 55
Flag of Germany Germany 11 55
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 12 50
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 13 45
Flag of Hungary Hungary 14 40
Flag of Sweden Sweden 15 39
Flag of Turkey Turkey 16 28
Flag of Denmark Denmark 17 19
Flag of Norway Norway 18 18
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 19 18
Flag of Estonia Estonia 20 16
Flag of Belgium Belgium 21 13
Flag of Morocco Morocco 22 9
Flag of Latvia Latvia 23 8
Flag of Georgia Georgia 24 6
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 25 5
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 26 4

Withdrawals Edit

  • Flag of Armenia Armenia - Null protest.
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic - Tie breaker + host protest. CT has encouraged other neighbors to not participate, but participate in the protest.
  • Flag of Georgia Georgia - Null protest.
  • Flag of Romania Romania - Null protest.
  • Flag of Macedonia Macedonia - Despite getting in the left side of the scoreboard, Macedonian broadcaster has decided to participate in the protest.
  • Flag of Montenegro Montenegro - RTCG, who did not participate in the protest was against it, however another Montenegrin broadcaster joined it. The withdrawal reason was in fact not a protest. Montenegrin broadcaster was not sure if enough funds were allocated so delayed participation confirmation. By the time the broadcaster allocated enough, there was no more "room" to participate in the contest. RTCG will be returning in the 4th edition.

Swiss-Czech Protest Members Edit

For more information go to Czech Protest Contest. Originally just a group, "Czech Protest" has turned into a contest. The Czech broadcaster has encouraged all the countries for withdrawing, but Hungary has declined and leaking the information to the ECU. This has not stopped anyone from withdrawing. The CCU has not stated anything about the protest, except "Montenegro" should be treated fairly in the contest. CT says that the CCU "are afraid of the Czech Republic".

  1. Flag of Albania Albania
  2. Flag of Armenia Armenia
  3. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia
  4. Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
  5. Flag of Croatia Croatia
  6. Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
  7. Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic (host)
  8. Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
  9. Flag of Moldova Moldova
  10. Flag of Romania Romania
  11. Flag of Georgia Georgia
  12. Flag of Greece Greece
  13. Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
  14. Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
  15. Flag of Montenegro Montenegro (different broadcaster)
  16. Flag of Serbia Serbia
  17. Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
  18. Flag of Switzerland Switzerland

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