Country Contest 8
Sonhe grande
Semi-final 1 date 6 May 2017
Semi-final 2 date 7 May 2017
Final date 8 May 2017
Venue Lisbon, Portugal
Number of entries 40
Debuting countries Flag of Algeria Algeria
Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
Flag of Vatican City Vatican City
Returning countries Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Withdrawing countries Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Voting system Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite countries.
Country Contest
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The Country Contest 7 was the seventh edition of the contest. It featured the return of the semi-finals and revelation of split voting results. The contest has the largest amount of participants to date, beating last edition's 34. Despite this, it is also the biggest amount of withdrawals since the sixth edition.

Semi-final 1 Edit

Portugal and Azerbaijan also voted here. The top nine countries qualified to the Grand Final.

Draw Country Place Points
01 Flag of Turkey Turkey 1 221
02 Flag of Serbia Serbia 7 154
03 Flag of France France 4 185
04 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia 16 69
05 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic 14 81
06 Flag of Spain Spain 9 127
07 Flag of Brazil Brazil 3 205
08 Flag of Romania Romania 8 142
09 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 6 171
10 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 12 97
11 Flag of Malta Malta 11 101
12 Flag of Iceland Iceland 5 181
13 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 13 85
14 Flag of Georgia Georgia 17 50
15 Flag of Finland Finland 15 70
16 Flag of Vatican City Vatican City 2 215
17 Flag of Austria Austria 10 121
18 Flag of Hungary Hungary 18 44

Semi-final 2 Edit

Luxembourg and Bulgaria also voted here.

Draw Country Place Points
01 Flag of Croatia Croatia 14 94
02 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 7 130
03 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 16 87
04 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro 12 114
05 Flag of Italy Italy 1 200
06 Flag of Algeria Algeria 8 125
07 Flag of Germany Germany 11 118
08 Flag of Monaco Monaco 10 119
09 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 5 167
10 Flag of Russia Russia 2 188
11 Flag of Denmark Denmark 17 84
12 Flag of Albania Albania 18 67
13 Flag of Greece Greece 3 186
14 Flag of Estonia Estonia 15 94
15 Flag of Egypt Egypt 9 124
16 Flag of Poland Poland 4 169
17 Flag of San Marino San Marino 6 154
18 Flag of Ireland Ireland 13 95

Final Edit

Qualifiers from the semi-finals, as well as the top 4 of previous edition took part.

Draw Country City Place Points
01 Flag of Brazil Brazil 5 279
02 Flag of Iceland Iceland 8 256
03 Flag of Vatican City Vatican City 2 317
04 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 18 155
05 Flag of Turkey Turkey 1 344
06 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 7 267
07 Flag of Poland Poland 17 171
08 Flag of Russia Russia 13 220
09 Flag of Italy Italy 6 271
10 Flag of Serbia Serbia 3 290
11 Flag of Portugal Portugal 10 237
12 Flag of San Marino San Marino 19 104
13 Flag of Greece Greece 16 211
14 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 14 213
15 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 12 227
16 Flag of Algeria Algeria 11 232
17 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 15 213
18 Flag of Romania Romania 20 93
19 Flag of France France 9 255
20 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 4 281

Commentators Edit

Non-participating countriesEdit

  • Flag of Argentina Argentina – Clara Lago (Telefe, SF1 and final)
  • Flag of Canada Canada – Sasha Pieterse (ABC Spark/Bravo, final)
  • Flag of Colombia Colombia – Sofia Carson and J Balvin (RTVC SMP, final)
  • Flag of the United States United States – Sasha Pieterse (Freeform, final)

Incidents Edit

Lack of semi-final qualifiers Edit

After the finalists were revealed, 28 of 40 countries were left in the semi-finals, which caused criticism from many countries. Over fifteen countries had stated that they were to withdraw, which would become the biggest since the sixth edition when 16 countries had withdrawn. The CCU finally responded, stating that they were happy how big the contest was becoming but this obviously meant changes had to be made. These changes were later revealed as having eleven out of eighteen countries qualifying from both semi-finals, making a final of 26 leaving fourteen out in total. The broadcasters had an agreement with the CCU, confirming their participation for the next edition regardless of the semi-final result. An exception had been made for Montenegro's RTCG as they were not able to broadcast financially.

Other countries Edit

Possible debuts and returns Edit

CCU members Edit

  • Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: The network stated that returning to the contest was not in their plans.
  • Flag of Kosovo Kosovo: The broadcaster stated its intentions in debuting in the future, though stated that they were waiting for Macedonia to come back first.
  • Flag of Macedonia Macedonia: MRT stated that if its neighbours were to do well in this edition, they would "most definitely" return next edition.
  • Flag of Morocco Morocco: SNRT stated that although many of its neighbors have debuted at the contest, and some returned, due to an Israeli withdrawal, that the broadcaster would be closely inspecting the event for a potential return in the next edition.

Non-CCU members Edit

The CCU stated that they were pleased with the reaction to another guest country being invited to the contest. They added that more guest countries could participate at once in the future if the interest keeps growing.

  • Flag of Argentina Argentina: Telefe decided to broadcast the contest as its neighbor Brazil became the guest country, so Argentina became the first non-participant to broadcast a semi-final.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: Bravo broadcasted the final, as the channel syndicates many series from Freeform. The same commentator used from the American broadcast was used, though Canada itself has not claimed any interest in participating.
  • Flag of Colombia Colombia: RTVC SMP decided to broadcast the contest also due to Brazil's debut.
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand: The network stated that they were going to broadcast this edition after Australia's success in the past but after learning of the withdrawal decided against.
  • Flag of Peru Peru: A station had looked into broadcasting the show, but did not find the contest appealing to its programming.
  • Flag of the United States United States: Following Brazil's invitation, Freeform decided to broadcast the final. The broadcaster stated that they were "very interested" in participating in the country in the future.
  • Flag of Venezuela Venezuela: A station had originally intended on broadcasting, but pulled out last minute due to scheduling issues.

Withdrawals Edit

  • Flag of Australia Australia: SBS was forced to withdraw as the nation did not achieve top four. Brazil became the new guest country.
  • Flag of Belarus Belarus: BRTC withdraw stating that in the two editions they participated in they were either last in the final, or most recently, last in the semi-final.
  • Flag of Israel Israel: IBA withdrew as the TV network was shut down as it was replaced by IPBC. IPBC stated that the contest was not in their highest priorities, especially after the recent third-to-last placement. Before its withdrawal, the country was one of the ones that had participated in every single edition, though never made the top 2.
  • Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein: 1FLTV withdrew stating that the contest was a one-time experiment as the costs were too much and the ratings were not strong enough to support the broadcast.
  • Flag of Lithuania Lithuania: LRT withdrew citing lack of interest, funding and results.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: BBC withdrew from the contest, citing lack of results and ratings.