Country Contest 9
Semi-final 1 date 6 May 2017
Semi-final 2 date 7 May 2017
Final date 8 May 2017
Venue TBA
Number of entries 40
Debuting countries Flag of South Africa South Africa
Flag of South Korea South Korea
Returning countries Flag of Morocco Morocco
Withdrawing countries Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Vatican City Vatican City
Voting system Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite countries.
Country Contest
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The Country Contest 7 was the seventh edition of the contest. It featured the return of the semi-finals and revelation of split voting results.

Semi-final 1 Edit

Turkey and Serbia also voted here. The top nine countries qualified to the Grand Final.

Draw Country Place Points
01 Flag of South Korea South Korea 10 128
02 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 19 53
03 Flag of Poland Poland 17 78
04 Flag of Albania Albania 11 117
05 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 3 168
06 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 16 89
07 Flag of France France 2 170
08 Flag of Hungary Hungary 12 113
09 Flag of Algeria Algeria 14 96
10 Flag of Malta Malta 9 149
11 Flag of Egypt Egypt 5 162
12 Flag of Iceland Iceland 4 163
13 Flag of Estonia Estonia 15 95
14 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 5 162
15 Flag of South Africa South Africa 1 213
16 Flag of Monaco Monaco 13 112
17 Flag of Ireland Ireland 7 155
18 Flag of Romania Romania 18 63
19 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 8 150

Semi-final 2 Edit

Switzerland and Brazil also voted here.

Draw Country Place Points
01 Flag of San Marino San Marino 5 178
02 Flag of Italy Italy 8 154
03 Flag of Morocco Morocco 1 211
04 Flag of Denmark Denmark 12 82
05 Flag of Greece Greece 9 151
06 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia 11 91
07 Flag of Austria Austria 10 141
08 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 2 210
09 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 6 176
10 Flag of Spain Spain 13 76
11 Flag of Germany Germany 14 76
12 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic 3 203
13 Flag of Portugal Portugal 4 180
14 Flag of Finland Finland 18 36
15 Flag of Russia Russia 7 160
16 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 15 76
17 Flag of Croatia Croatia 17 50
18 Flag of Georgia Georgia 16 66

Final Edit

Qualifiers from the semi-finals, as well as the top 4 of previous edition took part. Additionally, Brazil voted due to Vatican City's withdrawal.

Draw Country Place Points
01 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic 3 417
02 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 15 152
03 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 8 238
04 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 11 193
05 Flag of Turkey Turkey 16 128
06 Flag of Portugal Portugal 16 128
07 Flag of Russia Russia 14 159
08 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 9 233
09 Flag of Morocco Morocco 1 504
10 Flag of South Africa South Africa 2 435
11 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 6 305
12 Flag of South Korea South Korea 19 119
13 Flag of France France 12 185
14 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 13 161
15 Flag of Iceland Iceland 7 240
16 Flag of Italy Italy 10 221
17 Flag of Serbia Serbia 18 126
18 Flag of San Marino San Marino 5 330
19 Flag of Egypt Egypt 20 117
20 Flag of Ireland Ireland 4 364

Incidents Edit

Brazilian withdrawal Edit

As Brazil did not enter the top 4 of the last edition, ultimately placing fifth, the nation had to withdraw allowing other guest countries to take its spot. The CCU later stated they had made a deal with Asia and Africa to allow South Korea and South Africa to participate to broaden interest of different continents. However, the CCU stated that North America were "not in their plans" of broadening despite the interest from US.

Other countries Edit

Active CCU members Edit

  • Flag of Montenegro Montenegro – RTCG announced its withdrawal citing lack of sponsors and general interest in the contest. It was rumored that this comes after Montenegro failed to qualify, and uses a possible return as a method to win the contest; this which RTCG denied.
  • Flag of Slovakia Slovakia – RTVS stated that seeing that Czech Republic did not qualify, there was no reason for them to return. They added that a return would be "very possible" in the event of a qualification.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden – As some people questioned whether or not Sweden could return, SVT stated that they would not look into returning anytime soon. TV4 then said they would look into participating telling fans to 'make noise' for a potential return. In the end, no return was secured.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom – BBC announced that they would not return this edition but stated that the nation would return "sooner than later." ITV stated that they had no intentions in participating at the contest.
  • Flag of Vatican City Vatican City – Despite finishing as the runner-up last edition and the successful coverage, RV announced its withdrawal citing lack of funds though being very optimistic about the result.

Associate members Edit

  • Flag of Argentina Argentina – Telefe announced that the contest would not be broadcast in Argentina owing to Brazil's controversial withdrawal.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil – Since the country did not place in the top four last edition, RC was forced to withdraw. However, RC announced that it would continue to broadcast the contest thanks to its high ratings. Many fans did not think it was a "coincidence" that the country lost the top four position by 2 points, arguing that it was rigged by the CCU to allow new guest countries. The CCU announced before the contest started that Brazil would be voting in a semi-final and a final, this being a result of Vatican City's withdrawal.
  • Flag of Colombia Colombia – RTVC SMP stated their regrets that Brazil was no longer in the contest, removing the contest from its schedule.
  • Flag of the United States United States – Although the ratings did not appear so high, Freeform decided to broadcast the contest once again reassuring its want to participate (despite the CCU statement).

Non-CCU members Edit

  • Flag of Israel Israel – IPBC stated that once they were to be accepted into the CCU, they would take the contest more seriously. However, they urged fans to constantly contact CCU so they could be looked into as a new member.