Country Contest Union
Syndicat du concours national
Formation 12 February 1950; 67 years ago
Type Union of broadcasting organisations
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 75 active members
  • (from 59 countries)
Official language
English, French
Jean-Paul Philippot
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Active members Edit


Organised eventsEdit

The CCU in co-operation with the respective host broadcaster, organises competitions and events in which its Members can participate, if they wish to do so. These include:

Country ContestEdit

The Country Contest is an annual international country competition, that was first held in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2015. To date, eight contests of the competition took place with the amount of participants growing each edition. In the 10th edition, the CCU invited associate members making the participating countries amount to 58; the record.

Country Model Contest Edit

The CCU announced in June 2017 that they were creating a new contest, which will have Europe voting for their favorite participating models. The first edition took place on 9 June 2017, with 12 countries competing. The current contest has a record breaking 20 countries participating.

The CCU announced later that the 5th contest would be open to associate members given their "feedback and interest" in the event. Since the contest is not like the Country Contest, the CCU is considering the idea of allowing associate members each edition.

Retrica Song Contest Edit

On 8 July 2017, the CCU announced that a new Retrica Song Contest would take place featuring songs from 1900 to 1999 from participating countries. It is the first and only competition to not include the trademark country word in it. Additionally, it is the first contest to not be created solely by the CCU; a cooperation between BBC and CCU took place. The CCU later stated that the contest was about to be scrapped, but two countries joined "at the last minute" making the contest have enough participants. Leaked information has revealed that many contests have been scrapped in the past due to lack of countries joining.

Following the second edition, the CCU announced that the contest would be put on hiatus for "other projects."

Future events Edit

Country GamesEdit

The CCU announced in 24 May 2017 that a new Country Games contest would be made. It would be similar to the format of the World Cup, but for promoting nations. On 9 June 2017, the CCU confirmed that the production had delay until later in the summer. Later that day, CCU stated that due to the lack of interest from broadcasters, the idea would ultimately be put on hold.

New members Edit

Australia (SBS) Edit

On 18 June 2017, the CCU announced that the victory of Australia in the Model Contest and the successful results in the original toppled with the continued interest in the nation, that the country would be permanently joining the union.

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