Format Edit

Winners Edit

Contracted before participating, winners are obliged to present the next Country Model Contest in their host country.

Consecutive participations Edit

Unlike the Country Contest, the CCU stated that countries would not be able to send the same model twice in one Country Model Contest decade (1-10), though this would allow them to participate in the eleventh contest. Countries like San Marino, Monaco and Luxembourg argued that this rule was not fair to micronation/ small countries with SMRTV threatening to withdraw should the rule not change.

Winners Edit

Edn Host Winner Model Pts. Mar. Runner-up Third place
#01 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Flag of Austria Austria Larissa Marolt 172 7 Flag of Moldova Moldova Flag of Israel Israel
#02 Flag of Austria Vienna Flag of Sweden Sweden Elsa Hosk 192 11 Flag of Russia Russia Flag of Romania Romania
#03 Flag of Sweden Stockholm Flag of Denmark Denmark Nina Agdal 192 28 Flag of Belgium Belgium Flag of Moldova Moldova
#04 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Nina Dobrev 203 18 Flag of Denmark Denmark Flag of Belgium Belgium
#05 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Katarina Ivanovska 163 6 Flag of San Marino San Marino Flag of Serbia Serbia
#06 Flag of Macedonia Skopje Flag of the United Kingdom United K. Rosie Huntington 153 3 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Flag of Austria Austria
#07 Flag of Austria Salzburg Flag of Australia Australia Miranda Kerr

By hair color Edit

Wins Color Edn Country
3 Blonde #1 Flag of Austria Austria
#2 Flag of Sweden Sweden
#6 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
2 Dark brown #4 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
#5 Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
1 Light brown #3 Flag of Denmark Denmark

Participants Edit

Edn Host Total D R W
#01 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv 12
#02 Flag of Austria Vienna 16 5 1
#03 Flag of Sweden Stockholm 20 4 0 0
#04 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen 18 1 1 4
#05 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia 20 5 0 3
#06 Flag of Macedonia Skopje 22 3 0 1
#07 Flag of the United Kingdom Liverpool 26 5 1 2

Associate invitations Edit

Prior to the fifth contest, the CCU revealed plans to allow associate members to participate; though, this was ultimately not done due to scheduling issues. However, the CCU later announced that leading associate member Australia would debut in the seventh edition with the opportunity of defending its title in case of victory.

Country Contest 10 Edit

The CCU announced that like in the original contest, all countries would be invited to participate in the tenth competition to mark the jubilee edition.

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