Country Model Contest 5
Final date 14 June 2017
Venue Arena Armeec
Sofia, Bulgaria
Presenter(s) Nina Dobrev
Host broadcaster BNT
Number of entries 20
Debuting countries Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Withdrawing countries Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Israel Israel
Voting system Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite countries.
Country Model Contest
◄4 Eurovision Heart 6►

The Country Model Contest 5 was the fifth edition of the Country Model Contest.

Results Edit

Draw Country Model Place Points
01 Flag of Turkey Turkey Hande Erçel 9 125
02 Flag of Germany Germany Evelyn Sharma 6 130
03 Flag of Russia Russia Anna Selezneva 16 95
04 Flag of Ireland Ireland Sarah Bolger 5 131
05 Flag of Belgium Belgium Jessica Steen 12 117
06 Flag of Moldova Moldova Nadejda Savcova 14 110
07 Flag of San Marino San Marino Emily DiDonato 2 157
08 Flag of Norway Norway Gabriella Holsten 7 130
09 Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Katarina Ivanovska 1 163
10 Flag of Austria Austria Nadine Wolfbeiszer 13 111
11 Flag of Denmark Denmark Terese Pagh 4 134
12 Flag of Greece Greece Doukissa Nomikou 11 120
13 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Iliana Chernakova 20 51
14 Flag of Romania Romania Mădălina Ghenea 15 104
15 Flag of Poland Poland Magdalena Frackowiak 10 125
16 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Erika Gerceg 19 76
17 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Rianne ten Haken 8 126
18 Flag of Sweden Sweden Mona Johannesson 17 91
19 Flag of the Czech Republic Czechia Sabina Zavodna 18 86
20 Flag of Serbia Serbia Nina Seničar 3 137

Other countries Edit

Active CCU members Edit

  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom – Due to pressure, ITV announced that if the contest would "buzz" in the UK, they would "consider" debuting. The BBC declined to comment on the matter.

Associate members Edit

  • Flag of Israel Israel – IPBC stated that participating in the three editions was a great honor, always ending in the top ten and placing third once. However, the broadcaster stated that they would move forward with their plans to return to the original contest and become an official CCU member.

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