Degrassi: School's Out!
Genre Teen drama
  • Sonja Hernandez
  • Cathie Roberson
  • Chris Stewart
  • Tim Hughes
  • Mads Simons
  • Nicki Henderson
  • April Wilson
  • Anne Lewis
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Running time 80 minutes
Original channel ETV
Original airing July 1, 2017 (2017-07-01)
Followed by Degrassi Takes Vegas

Degrassi: School's Out! is a 2017 Canadian teen drama television film broadcast on ETV. The film stars most of the main cast of the first season of Degrassi: The Other Generation (season 1), but also introduces new characters which become series regulars in the next season.

ETV announced on 6 January 2020 that the sequel to the movie would air in the fifth season, with a "little prelude" to air in Season 4.[1][2]

Plot Edit

A long scandalous and terrifying year finally comes to an end in Degrassi, so as a gift as condolence, principal Mrs. Willis awards the students with a summer-long trip to Las Vegas.

The first Degrassi film solved many plotholes, not limited to Cathie Roberson and Sonja Hernandez's newly formed conflict, the new temporary and future staff of Degrassi, and a few other subplots from the first season.

Characters Edit

Grade 8 graduates Edit

  • Cathie Roberson, the successor of ex-BFF Sonja as queen bee at Degrassi
  • Chris Stewart, activist and acting school council president at Degrassi
  • Tim Hughes, considered the "it man" by most of Degrassi's females
  • Scott Hunter, Tim's best friend with anger issues
  • Mads Simons, student who is secretly dating student teacher Mr. Anderson
  • Darin Jones, sport fanatic
  • Amy Nash, goth
  • April Wilson

Grade 7 graduates Edit

  • Sonja Hernandez, expelled student who was invited to the trip by the Ravine Gang
  • Anne Lewis
  • Bonnie Philips
  • Pat Clark
  • Ali Stauffer
  • Sylv McGee
  • Nicki Henderson, student who got Sonja expelled, activist1

Adults and staff Edit

  • Mr. Fitzgerlald, principal who organized the trip

New characters Edit

  • Kate Rios, new Degrassi grade 9 student
  • Doris Perry

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marked the final appearances of Mr. and Mrs. Willis, who where vice and principal respectively.

Notes Edit

  • General note: Students who didn't graduate the grade, were counted as "a graduate" from the year before in the character list.
1. ^ Although she is credited, she only makes an appearance in the beginning during school. She does not go to Las Vegas due to "being busy with family," although several characters objected that it is because Sonja decided to go.

See also Edit

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