Degrassi: The Other Generation (season 2)
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 29
Original network ETV
Original release September 22, 2017 – June 30, 2018
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List of Degrassi: The Other Generation episodes

The second season of Degrassi: The Other Generation premiered on September 22, 2017 and concluded on June 30, 2018 on Wikia. With no renewal being announced for months, despite high ratings, fans had started to worry though the producers stated on 1 March 2018 that there were some contractual issues.

On 1 April 2018, during the show's three week hiatus, ETV announced alongside the showrunner that Degrassi: The Other Generation would be cancelled due to plummeting ratings and previously stated contractual issues. The showrunner added, "It was a great honor to share this story with you for 50 whole episodes; I for one, did not think we would get this far. I encourage all you loyal fans and viewers the remaining twelve episodes beginning next week. Thank you to everyone for the great journey this has been."

However, the socalled cancellation was officially announced on 2 April 2017 to be an April Fools prank therefore meaning that the show was not cancelled after all. On the same day, ETV officially ordered a 30-episode third season, stating that Degrassi is "their best teen drama in their selective programming."


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  • Mr. Moreno (principal)

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No. in
No. in
Title Main plot Subject Original air date U.S. viewers
Degrassi: The Other Generation
22-23 1-2 "A New Year, A New Life" Sonja
Personality change September 22, 2017 4.01[1]
24 3 "Time is Up (1)" Sonja
Mock election September 29, 2017 3.92[2]
25 4 "Time is Up (2)" October 2, 2017 3.85[3]
26 5 "Say You Love Me" Mads Student/teacher relationship October 6, 2017 3.67[4]
27 6 "Nervous Mind of Love" Scott
Secret admirer October 13, 2017 3.46[5]
28 7 "Right to be Wrong" Annie Social conflict October 20, 2017 3.58[6]
29 8 "Inner Demons" TBA TBA November 10, 2017 3.43[7]
30 9 "Now or Never" TBA TBA November 17, 2017 3.29[8]
31-32 10-11 "Eye of the Storm" TBA TBA November 24, 2017 3.95[9]
In the mid-season finale,[10] a storm hits Degrassi which locks all students in the building for the night. As a result, the newly hired Principal Moreno tells all the students to remain calm and head to the main room for further notice.
  • Note: Nicki Henderson mentions her younger brother Mike, who left Degrassi last year due to grades.
33 12 "Aftermath (Here We Go)" TBA TBA February 16, 2018 3.84[11]
In the mid-season premiere,[12] a new term starts at Degrassi with the school renovated after the damages done by the storm. Sonja and April agree to forget about what happened during the storm and act like nothing happened as a worrying Cathie thinks Sonja is using drugs.
34 13 "Feels Like Loneliness" TBA TBA February 23, 2018 3.77[13]
35 14 "Darkness Within" TBA TBA March 2, 2018 3.63[14]
36 15 "Angel of Music" TBA TBA March 9, 2018 3.57[15]
37 16 "Throw It Up (1)" TBA TBA March 16, 2018 3.51[16]
38 17 "Throw It Up (2)" TBA TBA March 23, 2018 3.72[17]
39 18 "Stand By Me" TBA TBA April 13, 2018 3.57[18]
40 19 "Hung Up On You" TBA TBA April 20, 2018 3.59[19]
41 20 "Fingers Hurting" TBA TBA April 27, 2018 3.61[20]
42 21 "Every Time I Die" TBA TBA May 4, 2018 2.98[21]
43 22 "Euphoric Dream" TBA TBA May 11, 2018 3.55[22]
44-45 23-24 "Forever In My Life" TBA TBA May 18, 2018 3.97[23]
Degrassi: Summer Days
46 25 "Summer of My Life" TBA TBA July 6, 2018 2.79[24]
  • Note: This episode marks the first of the subseries Degrassi: Summer Days, which takes place during summer. Many original cast members are not present as the cast was not obligated to appear. Third overall episode to take place in the summer, following School's Out.
47 26 TBA TBA TBA July 13, 2018 2.52[25]
  • Note: Fourth overall episode to take place in the summer, following Summer of My Life.
48 27 TBA TBA TBA July 20, 2018 2.39[26]
  • Note: Fifth overall episode to take place in the summer, following TBA.
49 28 "Falling to Pieces" TBA TBA July 27, 2018 2.61[27]
  • Note: Sixth overall episode to take place in the summer, following TBA.
50 29 "Fifty Things" TBA TBA August 3, 2018 3.49[28]
In the season finale,[29] Mr. Fitzgerald returns to Degrassi during summer school to substitute Mr. Paul's absense, confronting Sonja who is full of guilt. Younger brother Mike goes to Nicki's camp as their parents are away in a trip, and she later decides to hide him in her cabin.
  • Note: This episode marks the 50th episode of Degrassi, with 50 being mentioned 14 times. It also marks the return of Mr. Fitzgerald and Mike Henderson, featuring cameos from Mr. & Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Young. Seventh overall episode to take place in the summer, following Falling to Pieces.

DVD releaseEdit

The Complete First Season
Archive details Special features
  • 22 episodes
  • 480 minutes
  • 1080p HD quality
  • English subtitles
  • Deleted scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Degrassi Minis
Release date
July 14, 2018

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