Degrassi Reunited (season 2)
Starring Sonja Hernandez
April Wilson
Nicki Henderson
Cathie Roberson
Anne Lewis
among others
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 13
Original network Wikia
Original release March 2025 – June 2025
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 1
Next →

The second season of Degrassi: Life After College commenced airing in Canada on 2025 and concluded on 2025, and contains 13 episodes. It focuses on the life of the classical characters of Degrassi: The Other Generation after graduating from college.

The show managed to receive an average of 1.762 viewers during its three and a half months run, an increase of 90% from the previous season. Despite this, ETV stayed silent about any renewal for months until the network announced a week after the finale that owing to the major increase in ratings the show would be renewed for a longer 16-episode season.

Main charactersEdit

The following 2 characters received star billing:[1]

Recurring characters Edit

Many characters from the classical Degrassi: The Other Generation reprises their roles as recurring characters.

  • as Javier Bell

Episodes Edit

Lead plots:

No. in
No. in
Title Main plot Subject Original air date U.S. viewers
14 1 "Hot for Teacher" Nicki Infidelity March 27, 2026 1.39[2]
15 2 "Place in the Sun" TBA TBA April 3, 2026 1.42[3]
16 3 "My Old Friend" TBA TBA April 10, 2026 1.56[4]
17 4 "Back From the Grave" TBA TBA April 17, 2026 2.02[5]
18 5 "Ain't No Turning Around" Cathie TBA April 24, 2026 1.74[6]
19 6 "Every Mother's Son" TBA TBA May 1, 2026 1.61[7]
20 7 "Stupid Marriage" Sonja
Divorce June 5, 2026 1.44[8]
21 8 "What Happened (Last Night)" TBA TBA June 12, 2026 1.52[9]
22 9 "Pain Principal" Fitzgerald
TBA June 19, 2026 1.49[10]
23 10 "I Think My Girl Is Bi" TBA TBA June 26, 2026 1.67[11]
24 11 "Looks Good / Just Curious (I Kissed A Girl)" TBA TBA July 3, 2026 1.82[12]
25-26 12-13 "Eye of the Storm" TBA TBA July 10, 2026 3.46[13]

Critical reception Edit

ETV response to Sonja-April backlash Edit

On January 10, 2026, ETV finally released a promo trailer on the second season of Degrassi Reunited, stating that, "Due to the negativity regarding the "Aprila" relationship in the First Season, we decided that it would be best that the two would be Special Guest Stars in the upcoming season. It is obvious that Degrassi has had many characters throughout its course, and as a result it would not be fair if we only focused on them so this decision shall bring back much more characters than last season. Of course, they will return to the main cast if there were to be a third season, but for now, we shall see." Only one episode focused on the two characters as a main plot, divorcing the two due to not "feeling it" as a result of their marriage; Sonja went on to appear in the finale.

DVD releaseEdit

The Complete Second Season
Archive details Special features
  • 13 episodes
  • 260 minutes
  • 1080p HD quality
  • English subtitles
  • Deleted scenes
  • Bloopers
  • The Return of Ms. Pearson
  • College Minis
Release date
August 15, 2026

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