Degrassi presidential election, 2018
2017 ←
January 6, 2017 → 2019
All 342 electoral votes of the Electoral College
178 electoral votes needed to win

President before election

Chris Stewart
Grade 8

Elected President


The Degrassi presidential election of 2018 will be the 3rd annual presidential election, held in 2018.

Candidates Edit

Grade 8 Edit

  • Sonja Hernandez - Former impeached Degrassi President Hernandez stated her intentions of running for president again if allowed by the new Principal (Repeating grade)
  • Nicki Henderson - Former nominee Henderson stated that she would think of running if the new Principal made the election system "more fair"
  • Ali Stauffer

Grade 9 Edit

Declined Edit

  • Chris Stewart - Although Hernandez could be allowed to enter again, Stewart would not be able to due to already running as a new rule introduced by the Principal and also stated he would not run in an election
  • Erik Collins - Disallowed by the new Principal despite showing some interest

Campaigning Edit


Results Edit


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