Doctor Who (season 1)
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 8
Original network ETV
Original release January 12, 2018 (2018-01-12)
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The first season of the Canadian sc-fi Doctor Who, based on the Doctor Who 2005 reboot by Russell T Davies, premiered on January 12, 2018. On March 5, 2018, ETV renewed the series for a second season consisting of 13 episodes.

The season includes episodes in genres not limited to science fiction, drama, mystery, romance, black comedy, fantasy, historical among others.


Main cast Edit

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No. in
No. in
Title Main plot Alien of
the week
Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 "The Journey Begins" Ruby The Doctor January 12, 2018 6.29[1]
Ruby is closing up her shop when she hears a noise which appears to be a moving plastic mannequin. When more and more mannequins start moving and preparing for attacking she runs and is saved by a man who is called "The Doctor". Eventually, he shows her the world outside Earth and she becomes his companion.
  • Note: First appearances of The First Doctor and Ruby Thorpe.
2 2 "Suffocating in Sight" Ruby Tree People January 19, 2018 5.27[2]
Continued from the last episode, The Doctor and Ruby now go on their first adventure though Ruby is having a hard time to believe of The Doctor's existence. The TARDIS then lands and Ruby goes out to see the same Miami as before, but before she can confront The Doctor what appears to be a root of a tree grabs her and she is sucked into the core of the tree.
3 3 "Night of the Droid" The Doctor Droid January 26, 2018 4.82[3]
The Doctor and Ruby use the TARDIS to travel to a faraway planet where The Doctor's longtime foe The Droid is residing. When the Droids detect The Doctor's landing, they equip themselves and prepare for war. The Doctor had not realized that the Droids had such technology, which leads The Doctor to a dangerous situation saved by Ruby.
4 4 "The Common Myth" The Doctor Loch Ness February 2, 2018 4.77[4]
The Doctor tells Ruby that he believes they should visit the alternate world could be a threat to them long term. When they arrive, they realize that the Tree People are nowhere to be found and no one remembers them. They then get recommended to rent a boat and when they are attacked by a "sea creature" similar to Loch Ness.
5 5 "Locked in Love" Ruby Lovebird February 9, 2018 4.26[5]
The Doctor and Ruby use the TARDIS to travel to 1900 and when they arrive they go to a bar. As they order their food, a server offers Ruby a drink which someone in the bar paid for her. Ruby then tells The Doctor that she would explore around, but instead she goes to the home of the man who paid her drink. As he turns into his true "bird" form he gives her a list of people to kill.
6 6 "Years in the Future" The Doctor Autobot February 16, 2018 4.79[6]
The Doctor and Ruby travel to Earth, 1000 years later. They discover that Earth is still being inhabited by humans, but soon realize a fact seeming too strange to be the new reality. Upon discovering this, a mysterious autobot sends attacks them whilst sending a message, but once they arm up against them they magically teleport away. They then see a mysterious object in the sky creating radiation.
7a 7 "Up, Up and Away" The Doctor Magnoe February 23, 2018 4.82[7]
After seeing the object, The Doctor and Ruby decide to go back to their original time with the TARDIS. However, as they arrive in the original Earth, they realize that the object is still in the same spot regardless of the 1000 year difference in time. Upon shooting this object, a beast generating tons of heat awakens.
7b 8 "The Pit Resurrection" The Doctor Magnoe March 2, 2018 4.97[8]
After shooting the Magnoe Shield, generating tons of heat killing hundreds in a 100 meter radius, The Doctor is enraged and heartbroken of Ruby's sudden death while he is teleported to Magnoephia and the creature explains that he is a Magnoe and that he comes in peace. However, The Doctor is furious and attempts to shoot him, though the Magnoe does not react to it. He then says that he had been undead for millions of years until The Doctor resurrected him from shooting. As The Doctor cannot take him anymore, he begins war which results in the extinction of the Magnoe species, including the Emperor, who is disintegrated after The Doctor's rage war.





Ep. Rating
1 89%
2 93%
3 96%
4 82%
5 56%
6 85%
7 79%
8 99%

The first episode was positively reviewed by critics, with Jerry Howard of TVToday stating "The American production of Doctor Who starts high with an episode paralleling Rose of the original series." The fifth episode generally received negative reception, with Jose Clark of TVNow stating "Doctor Who is known for being the perfection of science fiction, but this episode sees the show trying to combine it with romance. However, the episode has a predictable story line, with the episode receiving 5/10."

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