Doctor Who (season 2)
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 13
Original network ETV
Original release January 11, 2019 (2019-01-11)
Season chronology
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List of Doctor Who episodes

The second season of the Canadian sc-fi Doctor Who, based on the Doctor Who 2005 reboot by Russell T Davies, premiered on January 11, 2019. On February 18, 2019, ETV renewed the series for a third and fourth season consisting of 13 episodes.

The season includes episodes in genres not limited to science fiction, drama, mystery, romance, black comedy, fantasy, historical among others.


Main cast Edit

Recurring cast Edit

Guest cast Edit


No. in
No. in
Title Main plot Alien of
the week
Original air date U.S. viewers
8a 1 "Furious Energy" The Doctor Drueneye January 11, 2019 5.13[1]
The Doctor, who just extinct an entire species, is still furious of Roth's death and decides to enter a parallel universe to see Ruby again. When he enters the universe, he finds Ruby again but she doesn't know and accuses him of trying to kidnap her. When a Drueneye witnesses this, it attempts to kill The Doctor for "breaking the law", but furious than ever The Doctor goes on a killing spree.
8b 2 "Alive and Well" Ruby Drueneye January 18, 2019 4.92[2]
A Drueneye witnesses this, and when The Doctor tells his story the Drueneye tells him that he can bring her back by opening the rift. The Rift is then opened and The Doctor drags Ruby out before the Drueneye closes it. A creature crying for help is then pulled out by the Drueneye. As The Doctor is crying with joy, Ruby tells him that she saw Death and that he tried to escape with her. The Doctor then says that Death was rumored billions of years ago, and that she probably mistakened him for someone else.
9 3 "Long Live the Beast" The Doctor Beast January 25, 2019 4.87[3]
10 4 "Danger Strikes" The Doctor Lighlek February 1, 2019 4.78[4]
11 5 "Back in Time" The Doctor Zampie February 8, 2019 4.84[5]
12 6 "Story of Life and Death" Ruby Wyatt February 15, 2019 4.90[6]
13a 7 "Core of the Shadows" The Doctor Shadow March 1, 2019 4.79[7]
13b 8 "Escaping Darkness" The Doctor Shadow March 8, 2019 4.94[8]
14 9 "Remotely Dangerous" The Doctor Pukaejek March 1, 2019 4.86[9]
15 10 "Tricks of the Lord" The Doctor Elkoapejke March 22, 2019 4.79[10]
16 11 "Bitten by Life" Ruby Bloeduer March 29, 2019 4.68[11]
17a 12 "Revenge of the Skull" The Doctor Skull April 5, 2019 4.87[12]
17b 13 "Fall of the Doctor" The Doctor Skull April 12, 2019 5.01[13]



Episode 6 Edit

Due to needing additional weeks to film other episodes, the cast was unable to film the sixth episode in time, which did not happen last season as there were only 8 episodes. As a result, Calum Worthy was casted as a one-off main character in the special mid-season finale.[14][15][16] With the episode being the third-most watched at-the-time and receiving positive reception, it was announced that Worthy would return to reprise his role in the next season.[17][18][19][20]



Ep. Rating
1 94%
2 78%
3 84%
4 75%
5 85%
6 96%
7 95%
8 98%
9 82%
10 78%
11 76%
12 94%
13 100%

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