Original Country Contest Edit

Original Country Contest 1
We Are The Winners
Final date May 2015
Venue Prague, Czech Republic
Number of entries 18
Debuting countries All countries debuted
Returning countries 1st edition
Winning song Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Original Country Contest
◄0 Eurovision Heart 2►

Original Country Contest 1 will be the first edition of the contest created due to the Czech Protest, due to France being a bad host in Country Contest 2. Swiss broadcaster SRF is co-hosting the contest along with ÇT.

Cancellation Edit

CT has just said an update about it: We just got betrayed. Well, what are we gonna do about it? You know what, SCREW THIS! SRF, you are NOT allowed to host this. This is just hopeless, pointless, how do we even have 17 participants? Montenegro, really? You really wanna join this that bad.. RTCG, your smart. I'm out. Bye Original country contest! By the way Czech Republic wins.
Update 02: You really want more results? How about no. Czech Republic wins. #End

Results Edit

1st place: Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
2nd place:

Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland

Participants Edit

  1. Flag of Albania Albania
  2. Flag of Armenia Armenia
  3. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia
  4. Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
  5. Flag of Croatia Croatia
  6. Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
  7. Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic (host)
  8. Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
  9. Flag of Moldova Moldova
  10. Flag of Romania Romania
  11. Flag of Georgia Georgia
  12. Flag of Greece Greece
  13. Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
  14. Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
  15. Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
  16. Flag of Serbia Serbia
  17. Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
  18. Flag of Switzerland Switzerland

Declined participating Edit

  1. Flag of Andorra Andorra - Andorran broadcaster has made clear that it left due to lack of funds.
  2. Flag of Hungary Hungary - Hungarian broadcaster is against this contest and as a result informing all the news to the ECU. This hasn't stopped anyone.
  3. Flag of France France - France 2 wants peace.
  4. Flag of Montenegro Montenegro - The original Montenegrin broadcaster stated that the country contest is good and it will not be joining any protest. Another Montenegrin broadcaster was used to have Montenegro participate.

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