In 2017, ETV announced that they were cancelling many of their shows as they wanted to have a new image as a network and had been planning some new programming. By the end of 2017, six TV shows had been cancelled freeing the network of its comedies. This caused backlash, as one of the favorites Monster Awaken had been cancelled after its five years of seasons. Also, a new popular drama Pretty Little Liars that had its freshmen season was cancelled.

Current programmingEdit

Original programmingEdit

Title Premiere date Current season Average ratings
Degrassi: The Other Generation January 1, 2017 4 3.72
Pretty Little Liars: Perspective June 28, 2017 2 1.46

ETV announced on 30 June 2017 that as part of their new lineup, they would introduce reality series into the network in the Summer.

Syndicated programmingEdit

Title Premiere date Current season Average ratings
Country Contest January 13, 2015 11 1.82
Country Model Contest June 9, 2017 7 2.13
Retrica Song Contest July 8, 2017 3 0.37

Former programming Edit

  • Summer Days (2019-34)
  • Riverdale (2017)
  • Pretty Little Liars (2017)
  • Monsters Awaken (2012-17)
  • Powerstore (2016-17)
  • Youth Meets World (2014-17)
  • Monsters Awaken (2012-17)
  • Story of Stelena (2013-17)
  • Theory (2016)

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