Semi-final 1 Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Language Place Points
01 Flag of Sweden Sweden Loreen "Statements" English
02 Flag of Georgia Georgia Tamara Gachechiladze "Keep the Faith" English
03 Flag of Australia Australia Isaiah "Don't Come Easy" English
04 Flag of Albania Albania Lindita "World" English
05 Flag of Belgium Belgium Blanche "City Lights" English
06 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Slavko Kalezić "Space" English
07 Flag of Finland Finland Emma "Circle of Light" English
08 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Dihaj "Skeletons" English
09 Flag of Portugal Portugal Salvador Sobral "Amar Pelos Dois" Portuguese
10 Flag of Greece Greece Demy "This Is Love" English
11 Flag of Poland Poland Isabell Otrębus-Larsson "Voiceless" English
12 Flag of Moldova Moldova Sunstroke Project "Hey, Mamma!" English
13 Flag of Iceland Iceland Svala "Paper" English
14 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic Martina Bárta "My Turn" English
15 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Hovig "Gravity" English
16 Flag of Armenia Armenia Artsvik "Fly with Me" English
17 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia BQL "Heart of Gold" English
18 Flag of Latvia Latvia Triana Park "Line" English

Semi-final 2 Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Language Place Points
01 Flag of Serbia Serbia Tijana Bogićević "In Too Deep" English
02 Flag of Austria Austria Nathan Trent "Running on Air" English
03 Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Jana Burčeska "Dance Alone" English
04 Flag of Malta Malta Claudia Faniello "Breathlessly" English
05 Flag of Romania Romania Ilinca & Alex Florea "Yodel It!" English
06 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands O'G3NE "Lights and Shadows" English
07 Flag of Hungary Hungary Gabi Tóth & Freddie S. "Hosszú idők" Hungarian
08 Flag of Denmark Denmark Anja "Where I Am" English
09 Flag of Ireland Ireland Brendan Murray "Dying to Try" English
10 Flag of San Marino San Marino Valentina M. & Jimmie W. "Spirit of the Night" English
11 Flag of Croatia Croatia Jacques Houdek "My Friend" English, Italian
12 Flag of Norway Norway Ulrikke "Places" English
13 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Timebelle "Apollo" English
14 Flag of Belarus Belarus Naviband "Story of My Life" Belarusian
15 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Kristian Kostov "Beautiful Mess" English
16 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Greta Zazza "Like I Love You" English
17 Flag of Estonia Estonia Koit Toome & Laura "Verona" English
18 Flag of Israel Israel IMRI "I Feel Alive" English

Final Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Language Place Points
22 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Tayanna "I Love You" English
Flag of France France Alma "Requiem" French
Flag of Germany Germany Levina "Perfect Life" English
Flag of Italy Italy Francesco Gabbani "Occidentali's Karma" Italian
Flag of Spain Spain Mirela "Contigo" Spanish
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Olivia Garcia "Freedom Hearts" English

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