"Sonja, I'm sorry... that I ever trusted to have an affair with you."
Mr. Fitzgerald to Sonja.

"Fifty Things"
Degrassi: The Other Generation episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 29
Original air date August 3, 2018
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"Falling to Pieces"
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"Going Through Hell"
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Degrassi: The Other Generation (season 2)

Fifty Things is the twenty-ninth episode of the second season, and fiftieth overall, of the Canadian teen drama television series, Degrassi: The Other Generation.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Main PlotEdit

Mr. Fitzgerald returns to Degrassi as a substitute summer teacher. When Sonja realizes that he is her substitute teacher, she starts to get nervous and guilty confusing April. Mr. Fitzgerald later asks her to stay behind when the class ends and tells her he is sorry for ever trusting to have an affair with her. Sonja then seduces him which leads one thing to another.

Sub PlotEdit

Nicki's parents go off on a trip for the whole day, so her younger brother Mike hops along with her to camp. Ali tells Nicki that he is turning everyone off, so Nicki then decides to hide him in her cabin.

Extended OverviewEdit

  • This is the fiftieth overall episode of Degrassi: The Other Generation.
  • Originally titled Where I Grew Up, the episode was announced to be the series finale on April 1, 2018, before being revealed as a hoax.

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  • Nicki: "Please mom, no. There are fifty things I'd rather do." (First '50' mention)