Fighting Evil: Next Generation
Fighting Evil (seasons 1-6)
Doctor Who
Genre Science fiction
Created by ESCIsrael
Starring Scott Wolf
Lucas Till
Thandie Newton
Britt Robertson
Narrated by Scott Wolf (seasons 1 and 5)
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 7 + specials season
No. of episodes 59
(list of episodes)
Running time 42 minutes (2022–25, 2032)
60 minutes (2034–35)
Original channel ETV
Picture format HDTV
Original airing Television
January 3, 2022 – July 11, 2025
January 13, 2034 – January 26, 2035
TV Specials
January 9, 2026 – January 17, 2031
January 16 – November 12, 2032
Followed by Fightest of the Evil (2026)
(Doctor Who special)
Don't Stop Fighting (2027)
(Doctor Who minisode)
Alien Warfare (2029–)
(Fighting Evil spin-off)
Return of the Fight (2031)
(Fighting Evil special)
Fighting Evil: Audio (2032)
(Fighting Evil audioseries)
Related shows Doctor Who
Chasing Aliens

The first season of the Canadian sc-fi Fighting Evil, based on the American adaption of Doctor Who, premiered on June 3, 2022. On August 23, 2022, ETV renewed the series for a second season consisting of 8 episodes. On August 16, 2023, ETV renewed the series for a third season consisting of 7 episodes. On August 25, 2024, ETV renewed the series for a final season consisting of 6 episodes; the show ended with 27 episodes.

Following the series' conclusion, ETV announced that a future Halloween special would feature the return of Fighting Evil, also introducing a new lineup of characters while keeping the old as well.

With some characters returning to Doctor Who after the Doctor Who: Fighting Evil special and minisode, ETV eventually ordered a spin-off of the series titled Alien Warfare. Although some actors reprise their role, the series is mostly comprised of a new ensemble cast.

Although Alien Warfare is a spin-off of the series, it is not considered as a "continuation" but just a "continuation for the characters," meaning that the 13-minute Don't Stop Fighting minisode marked the last episode of the series.

In 2030, ETV commissioned a special Fighting Evil themed Alien Warfare episode that featured the return of the series for the first time in four years. It was later announced that Scott Wolf (who had made his last appearance in 2026 DW special; 5 years ago) and Lucas Till (who had made his last appearance in 2025 fourth season; 6 years ago) would return as series regulars. It was later revealed that the characters were resurrected from a different dimension, and had returned back to their duties in the legion.

In 2031, ETV announced that Fighting Evil would return as an annual program, but as an audioseries as they could not revive the television show given the budget and lower ratings. However, the first episode of the so-called "Season 5: The Awakening" was released in animation form to help bring interest to the show.

Following the conclusion of the audoseries, ETV announced that it would be cancelled due to lack of interest from the public and ensemble cast. ETV then ordered a final season consisting of 3 episodes, as well as a separate 2-hour finale to air later, stating, "Although we did not get as high ratings as desired, it was still a success in terms of audoseries, and for that we'd like to say thanks to the [Fighting Evil] fans for sticking with us for an amazing ten years. As a thank you, we decided to order a special and proper final season consisting of 3 hour-long episodes and an additional two-hour series finale. After this, the cast will never return as the beloved characters, who had been bouncing back and forward in Doctor Who and Fighting Evil. We thought it would be the best way to wrap up the show, and we hope you do too. See you in two years, Evil Fighters!"

Despite the initial statement, ETV announced later that due to the continued streaming success five hour-long episodes would air monthly from January thru May with the two-hour series finale airing in June. Following the six-month run of Season 6, ETV stated that they desired to continue [Fighting Evil] despite the finale events, but producers rejected the idea stating that it would "lose the artistic integrity of the show, which was destined to end at this point." However, ETV later stated that per contractual agreements the producers had "no longer have rights to the [Fighting Evil] franchise" with ETV in total control.

On August 17, 2034, ETV announced that they would reboot Fighting Evil for a seventh season retitled to Fighting Evil: The Next Generation, set to premiere 15 years after the backdoor pilot of the series. Following the 10-episode run of the series, ETV announced that they would not pick up an eighth season due to the lose of over half of viewers from Season 6. However, a controversial fan campaign resulted in the order of a wrap-up movie which did not achieve much higher ratings than Season 7 despite being a stand-alone episode.


First generation cast Edit

  • Krysta Skidmore (Thandie Newton) is the only character to appear in all seasons, though lead character Nathan Thorpe (Scott Wolf) just missed a regular appearance in the 2027 minisode.
  • Scott Wolf served as the narrator of the first and last season, which was considered to be done for the series to go full circle.
  • Due to a regular role in another TV series, Lucas Till only made a guest appearance in the Season 5 audioseries; though returned in Season 6 as a regular.
  • The fifth season is the only to not include deaths of regular characters, however this is likely due to not wanting a character to have a death only witnessed by audio.
  • The sixth and final season saw the return of all characters, including revived main character Cyndi Jensen.
  • The sixth season introduced two new series regulars, the most amount of
  • The events that took place in Season 6 had a major effect in sister shows Doctor Who and Alien Warfare, and received positive reception.
  • The series finale set up a character's story arc for a position in spin-off [Alien Warfare], although has not been confirmed.
Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4 FOTE DSF ROTF 5 6
Scott Wolf Nathan Thorpe Main Main
Narrator Main Main
Lucas Till Craig Hornsby Main Main Guest Main
Thandie Newton Krysta Skidmore Main
Britt Robertson Cyndi Jensen Main Guest Cameo Main
Jesse Lee Shelton Keyes Main Guest
Rob Benedict Rodrick Buns Recurring Main
Uncredited actor The Shadow Main
Dakota Fanning Ruby Thorpe Guest Main
Ian Harding The Doctor Guest Guest
Bradley James Guest Main Guest
Gal Gadot Main Main
Recurring cast
Melissa Peterman Kathryn Thorpe Guest
Eva Longaria Special guest star Guest

Main cast Edit

Special guest stars Edit

Recurring cast Edit

Next Generation cast Edit

The Next Generation cast spent one full season and a movie on the series, before some moved to Doctor Who to reprise their roles.

Actor Character Seasons
Scott Wolf Narrator Special guest star

Series overview Edit

Note: The four specials are often referred to as Season: Specials in DVDs and such, and are counted as a season. However, only TV seasons 1-4, audio season 5, and TV season 6 are officially counted as part of the Fighting Evil series.

Season Episodes Originally aired Viewers
Season premiere Season finale
The Fight Begins June 4, 2021 4.62[1] Doctor Who
1 6 June 3, 2022 July 8, 2022 1.65[2] Fighting Evil
2 8 June 2, 2023 July 28, 2023 2.92[3]
3 7 June 7, 2024 July 26, 2024 2.14[4]
4 6 June 13, 2025 July 18, 2025 1.82[5]
Fightest of the Evil October 30, 2026 5.29[6] Doctor Who
Don't Stop Fighting June 18, 2027 2.01[7]
Return of the Fight June 13, 2031 3.29[8] Alien Warfare
5 11 January 16, 2032 November 12, 2032 1.52[9] Fighting Evil
6 6 January 13, 2034 June 9, 2034 4.26[10]
7 10 January 11, 2036 March 14, 2036 2.32[11] Fighting Evil: NG
The Last Breath March 13, 2037 2.56[12]


Season 1 (2022) Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Main plot Alien of
the week
Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 "Pilot" Nathan Pigface June 3, 2022 1.79[13]
2 2 "Love Does Hurt" Krysta Thorjuk June 10, 2022 1.42[14]
3 3 "Mourn the Dead" Nathan Azkejyl June 17, 2022 1.57[15]
4 4 "Screwed Up Life" Craig Kezjkgt June 24, 2022 1.49[16]
5 5 "The Beast Itself" Olivia Beast July 1, 2022 1.37[17]
6 6 "Healing (The Loss)" Nathan Darjek July 8, 2022 2.23[18]

Season 2 (2023) Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Main plot Alien of
the week
Original air date U.S. viewers
7 1 "Damage of the Planet" Nathan Ernetue June 2, 2023 3.07[19]
8 2 "The Wed Power" Krysta Giezsteo June 9, 2023 2.82[20]





Ep. Rating
S 100%
1 95%
2 88%
2 78%

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