Winners Edit

Year Host City Winner Artist Song Runner-up
2003 Flag of the United Kingdom London Flag of Spain Spain María Isabel "Antes muerta que sencilla" Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
2010 Flag of Sweden Stockholm Flag of Armenia Armenia Vladimir Arzumanyan "Mama"
2011 Flag of Armenia Yerevan Flag of Russia Russia Katya Ryabova "Romeo & Juliet" Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
2012 Flag of Russia Moscow Flag of Russia Russia Lerika "Sensation" Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
2013 Flag of Russia Kazan Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Sofia Tarasova "We Are One" Flag of Russia Russia
2014 Flag of Ukraine Kyiv Flag of Malta Malta Federica Falzon "Diamonds" Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
2015 Flag of Malta Valletta Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Lina Kuduzović "Prva ljubezen" Flag of Australia Australia
2016 Flag of Slovenia Ljubljana Flag of Russia Russia Water of Life Project "Water of Life" Flag of Macedonia Macedonia

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