Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Shine Bright
Final date 26 November 2017
Venue Tbilisi Sports Palace, Tbilisi, Georgia
Presenter(s) Elena Satine
Director TBA
Executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand
Host broadcaster Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB)
Number of entries 8 (to date)
Debuting countries Flag of Canada Canada
Withdrawing countries Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
Flag of Israel Israel
Voting system Each country's adult & kid juries award 12, 10, 8–1 points to their top 10 songs.
Junior Eurovision Song Contest
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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be the fifteenth annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and is scheduled to take place in Tbilisi, Georgia at the Tbilisi Sports Palace on 26 November 2017. As of 25 July 2017, eight countries have announced their provisional participation in the contest.

Location Edit

File:Sports Palace in Tbilisi.jpg

The EBU confirmed in February 2017 that the contest would be hosted by Georgia.[1] This will be the first Eurovision event hosted by the country, despite them winning a record three times. It was confirmed on 26 February 2017 that Tbilisi would host the contest.[2] On 16 March 2017, it was announced that the Tbilisi Sports Palace would be the host venue for the contest.[3]

Format Edit

During the Winners Press Conference of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Jon Ola Sand - Head of Live Events, announced that the EBU would invite broadcasting members to submit applications to host the 2017 contest, which will take place on 26 November 2017.[4][5] Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) announced on 22 November 2016 that they had begun talks with the EBU in connection to hosting the 2017 contest. The first refusal of hosting rights to the winning country of the previous is something that was introduced by the EBU since the 2013 contest.[6]

Visual designEdit

On 12 May 2017, the host broadcaster Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) confirmed the contest slogan as "Shine Bright" for the 2017 edition, during a press conference held at the International Exhibition Centre, in Kiev, Ukraine - hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Details of the visual design and logo were also released during the conference.[7]

Provisional list of participants Edit

As of 25 July 2017, the following countries have confirmed their provisional interest to participate.

Country Artist Song Language(s)
Flag of Albania Albania[8] Albanian
Flag of Armenia Armenia[9] Armenian
Flag of Australia Australia[10] English
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan[11] Azerbaijani
Flag of Belarus Belarus[12] Russian
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria[13] Bulgarian
Flag of Canada Canada[14] English
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus[15] Greek
Flag of France France[16] French
Flag of Georgia Georgia[6] Georgian
Flag of Greece Greece[17] Greek
Flag of Ireland Ireland[18] Irish
Flag of Italy Italy[19] Italian
Flag of Malta Malta[20] TBD 10 June 2017[20] TBD 10 June 2017[20] Maltese, English
Flag of Moldova Moldova[21] Romanian
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands[22] Dutch
Flag of Poland Poland[23] Polish
Flag of Russia Russia[24] TBD 3 June 2017[24] TBD 3 June 2017[24] Russian
Flag of Serbia Serbia[25] Serbian
Flag of Sweden Sweden[26] Swedish
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine[27] Ukrainian

Other countriesEdit

For a country to be eligible for potential participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, it needs to be an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).[28] It is currently unknown whether the EBU issue invitations of participation to all 56 active members like they do for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Active EBU membersEdit

  • Flag of Greece Greece – While Cyprus have confirmed their participation for the 2017 contest, they also expressed their intention to co-operate with the Greek broadcaster, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), making Greece's return to the competition possible.[15]

The following list of countries participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, although no announcements have been published so far on whether they will continue to participate in the 2017 contest.[29]

Associate EBU membersEdit

  • Flag of Australia Australia – Australian public broadcaster, Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), announced on 29 March 2017 that a decision on continued participation at Junior Eurovision will be made later in the year.[30]

Non-EBU membersEdit

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References Edit

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