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An independence referendum was held to determine whether the people would rather be independent or stay with the country. The results of the referendum are below.

Should we become independent?

Yes (Majority)
No (Minority)
The full results are expected to release after the first conference. The date is yet to be determined.

The referendum resulted in the independence. Upon this, another referendum was held to determine the country's name. The options of the first round were:

  • Belcoast
  • Corcliff
  • Morford
  • Freyview
  • Brightbrook
  • Freymere
  • Byland
  • Freyhurst
  • Dellmere
  • United Krane

An expert panel was in charge of eliminating names, and perhaps adding new. Names in bold have passed. The panel also decided to make sure, and announce that some names were good for cities but not as a country. They may become city names of the new country. Below is a list of elimination reasons:

  • Morford - Unsuitable
  • Freyview - City/town name
  • Brightbook - Unsuitable
  • Byland - City/town name
  • Dellmere - City/town name

The second round names are listed below:

  • Belcoast
  • Corcliff - City/town name
  • Freymere - City/town name
  • Freyhurst
  • United Krane

This round was to ensure no unnecesary names would pass to the final round, with many juries joining the panel. Names in bold have passed. Eliminated also have reasons. This has left it with the last three:

  • Belcoast
  • Freyhurst
  • United Krane

A split opinion is found below;

  • Belcoast - Panel Favorite
  • Freyhurst - Press Favorite
  • United Krane - N/A

The leader board is found below:

Names Panel Press Public Total
United Krane

The government of the new country also prioritized music. Thus, they decided to compete as a nation. Due to not being much recognized and known, they joined the Lyrical Song Contest. No plans to join big contests like the Eurovision Song Contest has been made in the near future due to the lack of recognizance.

It was announced later that if Belcoast or Freyhurst wouldn't win, they would be very highly considered as city/town names for the nation. United Krane was rejected due to the "nation feeling" (because of 'United').