Leaping Shadows: Road of Recovery
Starring Hector Flowers
Domingo Curtis
Rene Sullivan
Caitlin Lee
Country of origin Freyhurst
No. of episodes 20
Original network TRF One
Original release June 2017 – December 2017
Season chronology
← Previous
Journey of Revenge
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Season 1
List of Leaping Shadows episodes

The third season of Leaping Shadows premiered on June 20, 2017 on TRF One.

Production Edit

Despite the previous indication that Leaping Shadows would have 22 episodes, TRF stated that due to the high episode count of the last season, this one would only have 20.

Casting Edit

Kathleen Brien announced early on that she would not be making an appearance in the season, but would be open to appear in the next should schedules not override. Simon Hayes, who portrayed Jeff Fuller, left the main cast this season following his character's death in the previous system; making a final guest appearance. Caitlin Lee, who portrayed Linda Woods, also left the main cast as her character couldn't handle the drama that went down, still having a few guest appearances.

New series regulars Edit

Brittany Hall, who portrayed Violet Suggs in seasons 0-2 (who died last season) made a cameo appearance as Eileen Hodges last season. She was promoted to series regular given her outstanding acting skills in the past seasons. For the first time, a newbie cast member Lauren Guzman was cast as Tasha Haynes, who is a series regular.


Summary Edit

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

  • Hector Flowers as Paula Gardner
  • Domingo Curtis as Austin Suggs
  • Rene Sullivan as Jessie Price
  • Dana Rodriguez as Katherine Hodges
  • Brittany Hall as Eileen Hodges
  • Lauren Guzman as Tasha Haynes

Recurring cast Edit

  • Kathleen Brien as Amy Suggs
  • Zachary Cain as Dr. Cleo Petreson
  • Cierra Holloway as Jenkins
  • Sylvia King as Manager Kerry Ford
  • Kyle Copac as Axel Hodges
  • Brittany Hall as Mrs. "Violet" Suggs
  • Kellie Moody as Alison "Ali" Harmon
  • Jake Pena as Mr. Briggs
  • Molly Brien as Sheila Aguilar
  • Hope Anderson as Dianna

Guest cast Edit

  • Caitlin Lee as Linda Woods
  • Mike Neone as Nicholas "Nick" Suggs
  • Brittany Hall as Eileen "Ella" Hodges
  • Anna Leong as Missy Petreson
  • Joy Alexander as Owen Gardner
  • Hector Flowers as Marta
  • Jacqueline Mullins as Naomi Shelton
  • Francis Sutton as Randy Perkins

Episodes Edit

  • Domingo Curtis is absent for 6 episodes.
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date (2017) Viewers
45 1 "A Twist to Begin With" Miriam Carson Miriam Carson & K. Brien June 20 3.29[26]
Months later, the gang still deals with the death of fellow a mate. They decide that the game is finally over, and decide to move on from that chapter of their lives. But, this becomes impossible when a new shadow leaps the game... as the four are texted a picture of Fuller's ashes.
46 2 "Can't Take This" David O'Brien Miriam Carson June 20 3.08[27]
47 3 "Heal This Bandage" David O'Brien Miriam Carson June 20 2.99[28]
48 4 "Tricked Once More" A. Zimmerman Taylor King June 20 3.06[29]
49 5 "Doctor or Manager?" Marion Lee Percy Webb June 20 2.95[30]
50 6 "Truths of Truths" Aaren Fisher Kathleen Brien June 20 3.28[31]
51 7 "Night of Dawn" Ian Elliott Arlene Lyon June 20 3.14[32]
52 8 "Twin Mother" Gail Boone Loren Watts June 20 3.17[33]
53 9 "Lots of Luck" Kai Weits Mandy Padilla June 20 3.09[34]
54 10 "Deep into Difficulty" Miriam Carson Miriam Carson June 20 3.35[35]
55 11 "Commiserations to You" Lee Wilkins Miriam Carson June 20 3.42[36]
56 12 "Leave a Choice" Gerard Simon Mark Jackson June 20 3.31[37]

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