Character Seasons
1 2
Rita Azemar Main
Sam Azemar Main
Blake Sánchez Recurring Main
Larry Johnson Main
Bella Sanicola Main
Riham Azemar Guest

Several characters from the original Azemar series returned, ten years after the final season of the series. Previous lead character Riham Azemar returned for a guest role, based on hallucinations of characters, due to his death in the final season of Azemar.

Reunion episode Edit

Character Role
Riham Azemar
Bella Sanicola Main
Jake Peterson Main
Alarno Norwood Recurring
Lola Peterson Main
Aisha Sanford Main
Oliver Shelton Main
Lenny Coy Guest
Jesse Sánchez
Larry Johnson Recurring
Dr. Miller
A DiLaurentis
Mike Gonzalez Guest
George Dillon
B Westphalen

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