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Degrassi: Life After College (season 1)Degrassi: Next Class (season 18)Degrassi: School's Out!
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Fifty ThingsFighting EvilFilipino Music Festival
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Freyhurst nsGermanyGermany in the Country Contest
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HaKokhav HaBa IIIHaKokhav HaBa III audHaKokhav HaBa III new
HaKokhav HaBa eliminationI. Marlene KingIceland in the Country Contest
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Luxembourg/Sandbox4Luxembourg in the Country ContestLuxembourg in the NVSC
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Mr. FitzgeraldNCIS (season 11)NCIS (season 13)
Nicki HendersonNoa KirelNoah Cyrus
Northern Ireland at OESCOGAE Second Chance Contest 2017One Big Mistake
Pilot (The Adventures of A & B)Portugal in the Country ContestPowerless
Prank VictimPretty Little LiarsPretty Little Liars: Perspective
Pretty Little Liars: Perspective (season 2)Pretty Little Liars: Younger Generation (season 1)Pretty Little Liars (season 1)
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Retrica Song Contest 3Riverdale (season 1)Russia in the Country Contest
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Sandbox/6Sasha PieterseSax (song)
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Six chair challenge/RevampedSofia CarsonSong For Ayah
Song for Avril LavigneSong for Bryan AdamsSong for Rob Thomas
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The X Factor/NationalThe X Factor: Eurovision 2017The X Factor (UK series 13)
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