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History Edit

Morocco was one of the 26 countries to first participate in the contest, as SNRT confirmed participation. However, the nation just achieved a 17th place which led to the nation withdrawing from the contest. SNRT decided to return for the third edition, but got their worst result to date; 22nd with just nine points. SNRT then withdrew and said the nation would not return to the contest in the near future. However, SNRT confirmed Morocco's return for the fifth edition after CCU announced the changes. Many Moroccans stated that the nation was very likely to 'withdraw for good' after 'not qualifying', but to everyone's surprise, Morocco qualified to the finals. The nation spent a lot of money on promotion; hoping to enter the top ten. Morocco was then revealed to score 9th; being the countries best result by a landslide, in which the broadcaster stated was 'worth the promotion'.

Contestants Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
# Host City Place Points Semi Points
1 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Flag of Morocco Morocco 17 41 No semi-finals
2 Flag of France Nice Flag of Morocco Morocco Did not participate
3 Flag of Italy Rome Flag of Morocco Morocco 22 9
4 Flag of Iceland Reykjavik Flag of Morocco Morocco Did not participate
5 Flag of Russia Sochi Flag of Morocco Casablanca 9 60 6 79
6 Flag of France Paris Flag of Morocco Casablanca 15 50 No semi-finals
Did not participate from 7 to 8
9 Flag of Turkey Istanbul Flag of Morocco Casablanca 1 502 1 215
10 Flag of Morocco Casablanca Flag of Morocco Tangier 6 316 Automatic finalist
11 Flag of the United Kingdom London Flag of Morocco TBD 9 185