Nicki Henderson
Nicki Henderson
Full Name Nichole Henderson
Nickname(s) Nicki
Gender Female
Date of Birth 15 December 2001
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family Unnamed Parents
Relationships TBA
Job Vice President of Degrassi (2021-2023)
School(s) Degrassi Community School
First Episode It's a New Day (2)
Portrayed By Cierra Ramirez

Nichole "Nicki" Henderson (born 15 December 2001) is a student in Degrassi Community School. She was indefinitely suspended due to the infamous "Nicki Henderson protest," which occured due to her suspicion of fraud by former-president Sonja Hernandez, however her suspension was later unlifted, as a result of Sonja's expulsion.

Due to her "involvement" in the Sonja Hernandez protests, she was suspended for two months, though still being allowed to do work from home as Ali Stauffer helped her. Despite her being suspended for only two months, Sonja was expelled for the whole year, which made the two in the same grade.

Appearances (68/80) Edit

Season 1 (15/21)

  • It's a New Day (2)
  • Protest the Hero (1)
  • Protest the Hero (2)
  • Hate Me Some More (1)
  • Hate Me Some More (2)
  • School for Scandal
  • School's Out! (1)

Season 2 (25/29)

  • A New Year, A New Life (1)
  • A New Year, A New Life (2)

Season 3 (28/30)

Election results Edit

Henderson first took part in the 2017 election, being one of the first candidates to express her interest. Campaigning her position as President, she ultimately ended up second with a close margin. Roberson subsequently announced her bid for the 2018 and 2019 elections, but failed to advance from her party in both. In the 2020 election, Henderson parted ways from Stauffer in the election due to creative differences, announcing Bonnie Philips as her vice president candidate. However, Henderson came second in the election in both electoral and popular vote, announcing her bid for the next year.

Henderson stated it was time to "unite" and "put differences aside" for the sake of administration, announcing her bid as Vice President of Cathie Roberson. The two campaigned around which gave them a second place result in the Popular Vote, but winning the election overall by a small margin. The two announced their bid for reelection shortly after their victory. The two won the election for another term, becoming the first to do so; also, they won the Popular Vote as well this time.

Season Year Position Vice/President Motto Place Points Popular Points
One 2017 President Ali Stauffer "A better place." 2 142 1 196
Two 2018 President Ali Stauffer "For everyone." Failed to win party
Three 2019 Vice President Ali Stauffer "Let yourself in."
Five 2020 President Bonnie Philips "Be yourself." 2 146 2 167
Six 2021 Vice President Cathie Roberson "Together." 1 162 2 157
Seven 2022 Vice President (re) Cathie Roberson "For people." 1 165 1 182

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