The Adventures of A & B episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Original air date July 1, 2016
Guest characters
  • A DiLaurentis
  • B Westphalen
  • Mr. Calman
  • Riham Azemar
  • George Dillon
  • Mike Gonzalez
  • Mr/Mrs DiLaurentis
  • Mr/Mrs Westphalen
Episode chronology
← Previous
Next →
"School Life"
List of The Adventures of A & B episodes
The Adventures of A & B (season 1)

"Pilot" is the series premiere of the drama-comedy series The Adventures of A & B. It introduces most of the main characters, as well as establishes the basic premises of the series. The episode aired on July 1, 2016 on YouTube.

Plot Edit

After A DiLaurentis wins lottery tickets, he informs B Westphalen. Later, the DiLaurentis family agrees to let A meet B in England. When he arrives, an unpleasant event happens in a train.

Characters Edit


  • Main: Characters which have appeared in at least 5/10 episodes
  • Recurring: Characters which have appeared in at least 3/10 episodes
  • Guest: Characters which have appeared in at least 2/10 episodes
  • Special guest: Characters which have appeared in at least 1/10 episodes

Note: Most of the characters which appeared in this episode have made appearances in further episodes, excluding some very minor characters such as train driver, guards, etc.

Character Season Half Description
1A 1B
A DiLaurentis Main Main character, along with B
B Westphalen Main Main character, along with A
Mr. Calman Main A & B's private teacher
Riham Azemar Recurring Close friend of A & B
George Dillon Guest Recurring Detective (Larry's partner)
Larry Johnson Guest Detective (George's partner)
Mike Gonzalez Guest Boss of George & Larry
Mr. & Mrs. DiLaurentis Guest A's parents
Mr. & Mrs. Westphalen Guest B's parents

Production Edit

Reception Edit

Ratings Edit

Reviews Edit

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