Pretty Little Liars: MonA (season 1)
  • Spencer Hastings
  • Hanna Marin
  • Caleb Rivers
  • Aria Montgomery
  • Ezra Fitz
  • Emily Fields
  • Mona Vanderwaal
  • Alison DiLaurentis
  • Mikel Gifford
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 13
Original network ETV
Original release March 6 (2018-03-06) – June 12, 2018 (2018-06-12)
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Season 2
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The first season of Pretty Little Liars: MonA, based on the books of the same name by Sara Shepard, premiered on March 6, 2018 and concluded on June 12, 2018. On April 13, 2018, ETV renewed the series for a second season consisting of 13 episodes.


Five years have passed since Aria Montgomery, Alison DiLaurentis, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Spencer Hastings find out the identity of A.D. (Hastings' evil twin sister Alex Drake). Five years ago, Mona Vanderwaal told the Liars that she called the police who "arrested" Alex and Mary Drake, but unbeknownst to them it was Mona's French boyfriend Mikel Gifford; they then moved to France with a dollhouse with the two trapped. Now, Mona and Mikel return to Ravenswood where they lay low as Mona calls in an investigator for updated information about the Five Liars. She then starts texting them, killing, taunting, leaking with the help of Mikel and other minions. In the end, the Liars find out that Mona is New A in a dramatic fashion leading to her arrest. Mona, who was informed by a minion of the Liars revelation, initiated her final plan freeing Alex and Mary Drake. Mona then goes to a central place in town where she is spotted by the cops as she is arrested.

Cast and charactersEdit

Characters Edit

  • Note: Torrey DeVitto is the only actress to portray a villain for more than a season.
Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6
Troian Bellisario Spencer Hastings Main
Alex Drake Guest Main Guest
Ashley Benson Hanna Marin Main Guest Guest
Lucy Hale Aria Montgomery Main
Ian Harding Ezra Fitz Main
Shay Mitchell Emily Fields Main
Sasha Pieterse Alison DiLaurentis Main
Tyler Blackburn Caleb Rivers Main Guest Main
Janel Parrish Mona Vanderwaal Main Recurring Guest
Tessa Baker Main
James C. Bristow Mikel Gifford Main Recurring Main Guest
Andrea Parker Mary Drake Guest Main Guest Recurring
Keegan Allen Toby Cavanaugh Recurring Main Guest
Tammin Sursok Jenna Marshall Recurring Main Guest
Julian Morris Wren Kingston Guest Guest Main
Torrey DeVitto Melissa Hastings Recurring Guest Guest Main
Bianca Lawson Maya St. Germain Guest Guest Main
Drew Van Acker Jason DiLaurentis Recurring Main
Jim Titus Barry Mapple Recurring Guest Recurring

Main cast Edit

  • Spencer Hastings
  • Hanna Marin
  • Caleb Rivers
  • Aria Montgomery
  • Ezra Fitz
  • Emily Fields
  • Mona Vanderwaal
  • Alison DiLaurentis
  • Mikel Gifford

Recurring cast Edit

Guest cast Edit


No. Title Directed by Written by Air date (2018) Viewers
1 "Truth to a Lie"[32] Joseph Dougherty Joseph Dougherty March 6 1.79[33]
5 years after the events on PLL, Mona leaves France with her boyfriend Mikel. She returns with her dollhouse to Ravenswood, PA, where she keeps it under her new home. She then hires a private investigator to investigate the lives of the Five Liars. In the end, they receive a text saying, "I'm back, bitches. And I know everything -A"
2 "It's Happening Again"[34] TBA TBA March 13 1.42[35]
3 "Grave Your Death"[36] TBA TBA March 20 1.22[37]
4 "A Mistake to Backup"[38] TBA TBA March 27 1.17[39]
5 "Dead Stands for Alive"[40] TBA TBA April 3 1.23[41]
6 "A Romantic Reunion"[42] TBA TBA April 10 1.36[43]
7 "The Bitch is Dead"[44] TBA TBA May 1 1.51[45]
8 "Lay Down Your Steps"[46] TBA TBA May 8 1.44[47]
9 "Investigation of Horrors"[48] TBA TBA May 15 1.38[49]
10 "Don't Mess With This Bitch"[50] TBA TBA May 22 1.35[51]
11 "Sacrifices Apart"[52] TBA TBA May 29 1.42[53]
12 "Steps Away"[54] TBA TBA June 5 1.49[55]
13 "Game Over, Mona"[56] TBA TBA June 12 1.62[57]
The Liars find out that Mona Vanderwaal is behind the texts and heartbreak in a dramatic fashion. Before being arrested, Mona instates her final plan as New A, ultimately freeing Mary Drake and Alex Drake from her dollhouse, who The Liars thought had been arrested. Mona then goes somewhere else in city and is arrested.



Pretty Little Liars creator and showrunner I. Marlene King was fired from the franchise by network Freeform following the controversy of the series finale; a move which was applauded by the fanbase.[58][59][60] Shortly afterwards, Freeform announced that longtime PLL writer and director Joseph Dougherty would replace King as showrunner.[61][62][63][64] A few days later, King stated she was saddened and displeased with the move,[65] creating a lawsuit against Freeform.[66][67][68] However, a few weeks later King terminated the lawsuit following allegations of plagiarism in the series finale.[69][70] King later stated on Twitter, "Joseph Dougherty, you were a pleasure to work with, best of luck with the spinoff."[71] On July 28, 2017, Freeform announced that they had cut ties with King, allowing Dougherty to develop The Perfectionists as well.[72][73][74][75][76][77][78]


James C. Bristow, who portrayed a "police officer" in the series finale of Pretty Little Liars, was announced as being upgraded to a series regular for the Pretty Little Liars: MonA continuation.[79][80][81] All actors from the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars signed on to continue as a series regular, except Laura Leighton and Andrea Parker.[82][83][84][85][86][87] New showrunner Joseph Dougherty promised that the two would appear despite not signing on as a regular.[88][89] The two were later confirmed to appear in a guest role.[90][91] Julian Morris, who portrayed Wren Kingston in the finale, could not appear due to scheduling conflicts.[92]

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