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Retrica Song Contest 1
Final date 8 July 2017
Venue SSE Arena
Belfast, United Kingdom
Presenter(s) Rosie Huntington
Host broadcaster BBC
Number of entries 11
Debuting countries
Voting system Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite countries.
Retrica Song Contest
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The Retrica Song Contest 1 was the first edition of the Retrica Song Contest.

Results Edit

No. Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Denmark Denmark Daze "Superhero" 9 84
02 Flag of Russia Russia Alena Sviridova "Rozoviy Flamingo" 7 97
03 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Gerald Joling "Everlasting Love" 8 96
04 Flag of Germany Germany Carl Carlton "Everlasting Love" 2 156
05 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Steps "One For Sorrow" 3 146
06 Flag of Ireland Ireland Enya "Orinoco Flow" 4 144
07 Flag of Norway Norway Bobbysocks "If I Fall" 6 117
08 Flag of Sweden Sweden Roxette "Listen To Your Heart" 1 204
09 Flag of Belgium Belgium Liliane Saint-Pierre "Rio" 10 74
10 Flag of France France Patricia Kaas "Quand J'Ai Peur De Tout" 5 131
11 Flag of Malta Malta Lawrence Gray "The Right Time" 11 32

Incidents Edit

Dutch draw complaint Edit

Following the results of the contest, AVROTROS argued that Netherlands did not achieve its full potential score due to Germany performing afterwards with the same song title. They stated that BBC was "unfair" to draw two songs with the same title after each other, and that Netherlands would have placed at least seventh (seeing the 1 point difference). BBC later stated that "all songs were drawn randomly with no bias towards countries," and that it was a systematical coincidence. As a result of no action done, AVROTROS announced its withdrawal from the competition later stating that "it was not fair."