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Retrica Song Contest 2
Final date 8 July 2017
Venue Scandinavium
Gothenburg, Sweden
Presenter(s) Elsa Hosk
Host broadcaster SVT
Number of entries 14
Debuting countries Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Withdrawing countries Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
Voting system Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite countries.
Retrica Song Contest
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The Retrica Song Contest 2 was the second edition of the Retrica Song Contest.

Format Edit

Following the results of the first contest, Netherlands withdrew due to its draw issue leading to Belgium withdrawing as well. However, five new countries decided to debut making the contest have a total of 14 participants. The new slogan was revealed as "#Återgång" (Throwback) meaning that the slogan will always be it in a national language.

Results Edit

No. Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland DJ BoBo "Love Is All Around" 7 114
02 Flag of Russia Russia Natali "Veter s morya dul" 5 121
03 Flag of Ireland Ireland No Sweat "Heart and Soul" 1 196
04 Flag of France France Zazie "Tout le monde" 13 93
05 Flag of Sweden Sweden Drömhus "Vill Ha Dig" 8 109
06 Flag of Serbia Serbia Jelena Karleuša "Sad smo stranci postali" 14 77
07 Flag of Norway Norway Lene Marlin "Unforgivable Sinner" 10 107
08 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Dido "Here with Me" 3 126
09 Flag of Malta Malta Enzo Guzman "Sing Your Song, Country Boy" 9 108
10 Flag of Austria Austria Petra Frey "Junge Herzen" 6 120
11 Flag of Denmark Denmark Blå Øjne "Dig & Mig" 11 103
12 Flag of Germany Germany Blümchen "Heut' ist mein Tag" 4 122
13 Flag of Iceland Iceland Björgvin Halldórsson "Mig dreymir" 2 130
14 Flag of Finland Finland Nylon Beat "Musta joulu" 12 99

Other countries Edit

  • Flag of Belgium Belgium: The nation, as a neighbor of Netherlands, decided to join its protest of the random draw, and also the low position of the country last edition; withdrawing.
  • Flag of Netherlands Netherlands: AVROTROS withdrew from the contest following the controversy of being drawn before a song of the same title.