Contestants Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
# Host City Place Points Semi Points
1 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Flag of Russia Russia Did not participate No semi-finals
2 Flag of France Nice Flag of Russia Russia 5 109
3 Flag of Italy Rome Flag of Russia Russia 4 140
4 Flag of Iceland Reykjavik Flag of Russia Russia 3 97
5 Flag of Russia Sochi Flag of Russia Saint Petersburg 7 64 Top 3 Previous Edition
6 Flag of France Paris Flag of Russia Sochi 6 75 No semi-finals
7 Flag of Malta Valletta Flag of Russia Samara 5 234 5 144
8 Flag of Portugal Lisbon Flag of Russia Uglich 13 220 2 188
9 Flag of Turkey Istanbul Flag of Russia Novosibirsk 14 159 7 160
10 Flag of Morocco Casablanca Flag of Russia TBD 12 259 6 164

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