San Marino
Flag of San Marino
Member station SMRTV
National selection events Internal
First appearance 2
Best result 5th: #4
Worst result 11th: #1

San Marino has participated in the Country Model Contest many times since making its debut in the first edition.

History Edit

Country Contest 1 Edit

On 9 June 2017, San Marino's SMRTV was listed as one of the competing broadcasters of the first contest. Alongside, SMRTV announced the same day that Italian model Elena Santarelli would represent the nation. In the contest, she performed third out of 12 contestants and at the end of the voting placed 11th with 59 points; second to last.

Withdrawal Edit

Hours after the disappointing Sanmarinese result, SMRTV announced that they would not be looking to compete at the second edition of the contest. They added, "The contest was an experiment for us, but it just did not work out for us in the end."

Country Contest 4 return Edit

SMRTV announced its return to the fourth edition of the Country Contest, with the broadcaster stating that it needed to give another chance to the contest. SMRTV later announced that Italian-American model Vanessa Hessler would represent the nation, in a modern approach. In the competition, she performed tenth out of the 18 contestants, and achieved 5th place with 139 points at the end of the voting. Hessler then stated she enjoyed the competition and hoped she could return to it one day.

Country Contest 5 Edit

SMRTV immediately announced its confirmation of participation in the fifth Country Contest following its fifth place. SMRTV later revealed that American-Italian model Emily DiDonato would represent the nation, with the choice being praised by the Sanmarinese media. San Marino was then drawn to perform seventh out of 20 contestants, ultimately placing as the runner-up; 6 points short of victory. The broadcaster stated that they "had hopes" of victory, but were very pleased with the result.

Country Contest 6 Edit

Once again, SMRTV confirmed following the successful second place result of the previous edition. SMRTV then announced that Italian actress Martina Stella would represent the nation, being the first fully Italian representative since the first edition. The Italian press later complained that San Marino was "stealing" potential models from their country, lowering chances for a "possible debut."

Contestants Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
# Host Model Place Points Semi Points
1 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Elena Santarelli 11 59 No semi-finals
Did not participate in 2 and 3
4 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen Vanessa Hessler 5 139
5 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Emily DiDonato 2 157
5 Flag of Macedonia Skopje Martina Stella 6 144

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