Pre-qualification round Edit

  • Automatically eliminated: Boomerang
Round 1 Round 2
 Home We'll Go 0  
 Home We'll Go (Take My Hand) 1  
     Home We'll Go (Take My Hand) 1
   Climb Out Your Window 0
 Climb Out Your Window 1
 Alright 0  

Final Edit

Total songs: 13(+2) USE 16 SONGS... OR 8

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
 Rule the World  1
 I'll Be Waiting  0  
 Rule the World  0
     Home We'll Go  1  
 Home We'll Go  1
 Hold On (The Break)  0  
 Home We'll Go  0
   We Got Love  1
 Sing It All Away  0
 California Trees  1  
 California Trees  0 Third
     We Got Love  1  
 Heart Is a Weapon  0
 Rule the World  1
 We Got Love  1  
 California Trees  0

Ranking Edit


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