"Sonja, you like me, right? I like you. Forget what everyone else says."
— Mr. Fitzgerald to Sonja in Only Love Survives

Sonja-Mr. Fitzgerald Relationship
General Information
Nickname Fonja
Intimacy Level Enemies
Started Dating 2016 (1st time)
2017 (2nd time)
Dating Status Broke Up

The relationship between Sonja Hernandez and Mr. Fitzgerald is known as Fonja (Fitzgerald/Sonja). It began in the first season of Degrassi.

Relationship HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

  • It's a New Day (1)
    • Mr. Fitzgerald welcomes Sonja to Degrassi on her first day.
  • It's a New Day (2)
    • Mr. Fitzgerald announces Sonja as one of two candidates for Presidency. He goes on to tell her that she would make him proud as the first President of the school.
  • Protest the Hero (1)
  • Protest the Hero (2)
  • School for Scandal
    • Mr. Fitzgerald and Sonja share their first kiss, though causing him to be fired and put on house arrest/probation awaiting trial.
  • School's Out!
    • Sonja says that Mr. Fitzgerald sexually harassed her.

Season 2 Edit

  • Fifty Things
    • Mr. Fitzgerald returns to Degrassi - in the Summer, which happens to have Sonja in there.

Season 3 Edit

  • Only Love Survives
    • Mr. Fitzgerald makes his first real appearance at Degrassi since being fired, as substitute teacher. He tells Sonja to stay behind in class and he complains that he should've never trusted to have an affair with her. Sonja then seduces him and they start making out.
  • Guess Who's Back
    • Mr. Fitzgerald tells Sonja that he can't be in a relationship with her anymore as he is returning to Degrassi. Sonja, who had planned to sneak up on him earlier, found out from before and told him she understood though she was planning something.
  • Oops!... I Did It Again
    • Sonja, still mad at Mr. Fitzgerald, decides to embarrass him in front of the whole class. In the end, he stares at her with an ugly face though she escapes the classroom before he can apprehend her.
  • Danger Zone
    • Mr. Fitzgerald, now furious at Sonja, leaves the school and gets a gun from his car. He then enters the school.. searching for Sonja. In the end, he is arrested.

Season 4 Edit

  • New Day Begins
    • Mr. Moreno mentions that Mr. Fitzgerald got himself a 10-year plea. Sonja says that he should be kept in bars for his life to April, who agrees.

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