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"Funny you say, Nicki. Clearly, your the slut."
— Sonja to Nicki before she gets slapped

Sonja Hernandez
Sonja Hernandez
Full Name Sonja Herndanez
Nickname(s) Currently:
Ms. Rage
Ms. Expelled
Slutty Hernandez (by Jace)
Miss President
Queen B
Hunny B
Blondie (by Jace)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 28 June 1998
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family Mr. Hernandez (Father)
Mrs. Hernandez (Mother)
Doyle Hernandez (Older Brother)
Kim Hernandez (Younger Sister)
Relationships April Wilson (girlfriend)
Jody (hook-up)
Enzo (hook-up)
Greg (hook-up)
Jordan (hook-up)
Mr. Fitzgerald (Kissed)
Jacob Russell (ex-boyfriend)
Jace (former crush)
School(s) Degrassi Community School
First Episode I Want It All
Portrayed By Sasha Pieterse

Sonja Hernandez (born 4 March 2000) is a student in Degrassi Community School. Before she was expelled, she was friends with Cathie Roberson, Amy Nash and Susan Cortez. The aftermath of the Nicki Henderson protests led to her expulsion, but she was later let back the next year. Being away for the year also changed her personality and she later realized she was bisexual after going to "the ravine" frequently with her now-girlfriend April Wilson.

Despite appearing in only 12 out of the 22, thus appearing in only 54% of the episodes, she was the first credited series regular making her the lead character. When she temporarily left the show from episode 8 to 17, totaling 9 episodes, Cathie Roberson took her role as the temporary lead character. She was also credited as a Special Guest Star in "School for Scandal," the episode featuring the scandalous return of her character, before being reinstated to a Series Regular in the four-part "School's Out!" episode.


It's a New Day (1)
In the first scene, Sonja tells Mads Simons that she wants to get more attention in Grade 8. After going shopping, she realizes that changing her appearance would be the perfect way for her to change her image. She later goes shopping again and "trashes" her old wardrobe, right before the school year begins. As the school year starts, Sonja decides to enter the race to become School Council President after seeing all the attention she got.
It's a New Day (2)
With the week almost finished, Principal Fitzgerald reviewed the candidates and finally announced that Sonja and Nicki Henderson would be the two candidates. Mr. Fitzgerald later informed Sonja that she needed a Vice President for her bid to be complete, so she successful asked Cathie Roberson to be her running mate. Thanks to her gaining popularity, Sonja ended up winning with a high percentage of 71.42%. Nicki Henderson reacted to this by shouting that she "frauded the lines," in which she faced detention for.
I Won't Be Ignored
At the start of the episode, Sonja says via announcements that the school will not tolerate "student protests" and anyone behind them would receive "a serious punishment," directed at her new arch enemy Nicki Henderson. She is later seen walking down the halls with her BFF/VP Cathie Roberson.
When I Kissed the Teacher
Once again, she is seen walking down the halls with her BFF/VP Cathie Roberson.
Protest the Hero (1)
Nicki Henderson, who is still sure that the election vote was frauded by the now-president Sonja, decides to start a protest as she posts on her wall that Sonja is an "illiterate slut, who frauded the votes with her mouth." Many people read this message and believe it, as Nicki starts a protest outside the school.
Protest the Hero (2)
Frustrating Sonja, she decides to go to the protest and then starts a fight with Nicki, which becomes the first ever fight in Degrassi: The Other Generation. In the aftermath of the incident, Mr. Fitzgerald decided to impeach Sonja before ultimately suspending the two indefinitely, due to "starting a violent protest, damaging the school, and fighting in school grounds."
Can't We Be Friends?
A week since Sonja was suspended, Cathie goes to the office to ask Mr. Fitzgerald when she will come back. However, Mr. Fitzgerald says the incident is no longer being controlled by the school, but now by the police, and that she was already expelled due to the costs in damage. It is Sonja's last appearance till the special movie finale.
School for Scandal
School's Out! (1)
School's Out! (2)
School's Out! (3)
School's Out! (4)

A New Year, A New Life (1)
After much thought, Mr. Fitzgerald decides to let Sonja back in after seeing her video apology and the costs the family gave to repair, and her probation deal. However, she had to repeat Grade 8 due to missing the whole year. Her former best friend Cathie Roberson never spoke to her again after the incident, to not look bad.
A New Year, A New Life (2)

Appearances (12/22) Edit

Season 1 (12/22)

  • It's a New Day (1)
  • It's a New Day (2)
  • I Won't Be Ignored
  • When I Kissed the Teacher
  • Protest the Hero (1)
  • Protest the Hero (2)
  • Can't We Be Friends?
  • School for Scandal
  • School's Out! (1)
  • School's Out! (2)
  • School's Out! (3)
  • School's Out! (4)

Season 2 (/22)

  • A New Year, A New Life (1)
  • A New Year, A New Life (2)
  • This Ain't the Summer of Love


Crimes committedEdit

Prior to the 2017 Sonja Hernandez protests, she did not have any "criminal" history, which she then didn't care about after.

Year Crime Offense(s) Penalty(s) Notes
2017 Sonja Hernandez protests Damage of property, violent protests Expulsion, arrest, probation Framed by Nicki
Degrassi vandalism Vandalization of property Not caught With "The Ravine Gang"
Donald Trump protests With April Wilson; only mentioned


Earlier into the series, Hernandez stated in Season 1 that she would like to pursue an acting career. In the aftermath of the protests, Hernandez was interviewed by reporter Austin Craigs about the event. She was once again interviewed after the scandalous firing of Mr. Fitzgerald. She was also interviewed by Tara Fox regarding all her "scandals."

After Degrassi, Hernandez pursued her acting career.

Year Title Role Notes
2017 CTV News with Austin Craigs Herself Interview
CTV News with Austin Craigs Herself Interview
The Tara Fox Show Herself Interview (with April Wilson)
2019 CTV News with Austin Craigs Herself Interview
2025, 2028 Historia de horror Katia Guest role (3 episodes)
2026–2027 Starcast Amy Recurring role (7 episodes)
2027 Loveboat Beth Episode: "Boat is Falling"
2029–present Story of Horror Kate Main role (season 1)

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