Sonja Hernandez protests
Part of Nicki Henderson conflicts
Date January 22, 2017
Location Front entrance of Degrassi Community School
Battles 1 between Sonja and Nicki
Result Nicki Henderson victory
Sonja Hernandez
Sonja Hernandez
Nicki Henderson
Nicki Henderson
Notable commanders
Many Grade 8 students, some Grade 9-12 (5 suspensions)Majority of Grade 7 students, some Grade 8-12 (3 suspensions)
Impeachment, indefinite suspension, later expulsion and probationIndefinite suspension for two months; suspended from Student Council

"You take that back Sonja. I'm warning you. Or else."
Nicki Henderson to Sonja Hernandez before fight

The Sonja Hernandez protests were the first protests and fight in Degrassi: The Other Generation history which also resulted in the first respective suspension, expulsion, impeachment, and probation.

The protests led to a parent-led protest which resulted in the disenrollment of 59 students due to their concern over the "violence" at the school.

Result and aftermath Edit

Actions Sonja Hernandez Nicki Henderson
First action (2017) Impeached as president and suspended from Student Council, indefinitely suspended from Degrassi Community School Indefinitely suspended from Degrassi Community School
Second action (2017) Expelled from Degrassi Community School, charged by police for damages, on probation Indefinite suspension lifted for two months
Third action (2017) Expulsion remains, still on probation Suspension unlifted, suspended from Student Council
Fourth action (2018) Expulsion unlifted banned from social events; restraining order

Media coverage Edit

The protestants stood in front of the school, during school hours as they walked out of their classes to protest Sonja Hernandez's presidency. Pedestrians whom were walking by noticed the protests which led to the protest being covered by the media, especially when the fight started. The suspensions were also covered on the media.