Flag of Ukraine
Member station NTU
Best result 1st: 2004
Worst result 17th SF: 2017

Ukraine has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest many times since making its debut in ESC.

Contestants Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Failed to qualify
Year Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
2004 Ruslana English, Ukrainian "Wild Dances" 1 280 1 263
2012 Gaitana English "Be My Guest" 8 110 4 100
2013 Zlata Ognevich English "Gravity" 2 234 1 167
2014 Mariya Yaremchuk English "Tick-Tock" 10 74 4 121
2015 Did not participate
2016 Jamala English, Crimean Tatar "1944" 8 229 3 274
2017 O.Torvald English "Time"
Failed to qualify
17 34

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