United Kingdom
Flag of the United Kingdom
Member station BBC
Best result 1st: 1997

United Kingdom has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest many times since making its debut in the contest.

Contestants Edit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
Year Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
1997 Katrina & The Waves English "Love Shine A Light" 1 227 No semi-finals
2012 Engelbert Humperdinck English "Love Will Set You Free" 26 7 "Big 5" member
2013 Bonnie Tyler English "Believe in Me" 18 41
2014 Molly English "Children of the Universe" 8 88
2015 Electro Velvet English "Still In Love With You" 27 0
2016 Joe & Jake English "You're Not Alone" 26 11
2017 Lucie Jones English "Never Give Up on You" 17 117

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